What is the Atlanta store like?

  1. My mum will be in Atlanta in 2 weeks and she wants to know about the Atlanta store. Have read some nice things about Charlotte (she will be there too!) But has anyone on the forum been to the Atlanta store?
  2. I was just in the Atlanta store a couple of weeks ago. It's in the Lenox Square Mall, across from the LV store and next to Neiman Marcus. Lenox can be quite crowded on weekends (especially Saturday evenings), but if your mum can get there during the week or early on weekend days, it will be fairly quiet. They are doing a bit of construction right in front of the H store, but it is definitely still open.

    The H store is on the small side, but the SAs were helpful and patient while I explored - not snobby at all. They have a good selection of Bolides and Evelynes, but they had only one Birkin (a black 40cm). They were expecting a new batch of Twillys in last week too. HTH!
  3. The Atlanta store is great! Very friendly.

    I didn't think it was that small, but I only have the second smallest mall store to compare it too...

    Lenox Suare is one of the nicest malls I've ever been to.
  4. ^^ which one's the smallest? wow smaller than our Alaskan store..
  5. I keep thinking of Palm Beach before they moved...we may have the smallest now..not sure what the Naples store or Manhasset store is like
  6. Heh....does size matter? :graucho:

    The Atlanta shop may be average as H stores go, but it's the only one I've ever been in. I guess I was comparing it to, say, the LV store at Lenox.

    Quinn's Mom, if you like Lenox Square, you should check out Phipps Plaza (around the corner from Lenox) next time you visit! No H store, but lots of other great stuff.