what is the actual date sophia will be in stores?

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  1. thx :smile: tried to do a search couldnt find it.
  2. My store has been unpacking them..I called last night to put mine on hold.So they are at stores!!!
  3. One of my SA told me they would be displaying them today or tomorrow.
  4. I got to see four yesterday...but it will be in the actual showroom on Friday.
  5. What color are you thinking about getting?
  6. I want camel OP Art one.
  7. They're already at the stores but you have to ask for them specifcally. They're all in the back waiting for the floorset changes. The SA should bring them out for you. Its funny, bc when I asked to see the Sophia, the SA was like "let me guess... The Purse Forum?" Lol