What is the 226 Dk Silver reissue price?

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  1. Hi

    I just paid for a 226 Dk silver reissue and was charged $2445. Is this right? I have the lookbook from Nordstroms and it says $2350. I have got my bag from a Chanel boutique so was wondering what has everyone else paid?
  2. I just got off the phone w/my SA about one. The price for the 226 reissue is $2350 (plus tax). Do you have sales tax in your area? Seems you were charged about 4% over the $2350?
  3. Thx for the reply...but i live in Australia..so would i still pay tax?

    Anyone prepared to ring a Chanel boutique in the USA for me to confirm the price? I got mine from Hawaii.
  4. Can you call your SA and ask for a breakdown of the charges? I am sure the 226 is $2350 USD.
  5. Yes, the price for 226 is $2350
  6. Hi tayls

    Just wondering if you'll have to pay GST when the bag enters Australia?
  7. There is a 4% sales tax in hawaii..
  8. I will have to pay GST when it comes into Australia + customs duty:tdown:
  9. Thx for the reply...i guess i am wondering why i would have to pay this if i dont live in the US. In Australia i dont think a US resident would pay our 10% tax if they bought a bag from us as the bag is going out of the country.
  10. You shouldn't be charged that 4% when the bag is shipped out of the country. I never pay any state sales tax when I purchase from the US. This extra amount is definitely not shipping charge?
  11. No i dont think so..have emailed the SA and havent received a response back.

    The bag was $2445 +$46 shipping. I think the bag should be $2350 UNLESS they have already increased the prices. But alot of other TPF'ers have confirmed the price is $2350.

    The thing is i will also pay 10% sales tax when the bag arrives in Australia so i am being double taxed.:tdown:
  12. If she doesn't reply your email, I would call the SA and enquire about it :yes: You will pay close to 20% of the value in tax, GST & customs charges when the bag arrives in Australia, so it would help if you don't get overcharged.
  13. Hey I had this problem a couple months back too when I ordered my metallic black 226 reissue from Hawaii. Was also told it was $2445 even though I was shipping to Singapore. I don't get it either, you better check with your SA, call her or something?

    I got my black reissue here in the end, so I passed on the metallic black..
  14. I have been told that the reissue price is $2445 and not $2350 and that i have NOT been charged tax. So why is Hawaii more expensive?
  15. UPDATE: I was told from the Chanel boutique in Hawaii that my 226 Dark Silver costs $2445 and not $2350 as Hawaii follows a Pacific pricing that fluctuates with the Asian markets - so bags can be more or less than mainland USA. Does this sound right? I thought that the price should be the same ALL over the US.