What is the #1 Chanel bag to own?

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  1. Hi Tpfers,

    I want to buy a bag at the Saks sale but I love too many. I was hoping that you could tell me which Chanel bag you would vote as the best Chanel.

    I am leaning towards the black jumbo classic flap in caviar.

    Is there a shiny version and is it better?

  2. Classic flap, in small or medium. Depends on your lifestyle, however. My first Chanel bag was a petite shopping tote, my second was a black classic flap.
  3. Ligne Cambon Multipocket black with white CC was my very first....bought it in Paris abt 4 years ago,at that time this bag was so hot :tup: ,then later more Cambon tote,GST,Classic Jumbo's,Cotton Club tote and....etc
  4. Definitely the jumbo - it comes in matte or regular caviar

  5. black caviar classic jumbo flap. whether you prefer gold or silver hardware or the shiny or matte caviar is a matter of personal preference. i prefer the shiny.
  6. the reporter and this color combination have been discontinued.
  7. Either the Black Caviar Jumbo with s/h or the Black Patent Jumbo in s/h also.
  8. you can't go wrong with the Jumbo classic flap in black with any color hardware!
  9. yes now has been discontinued
  10. it depends on YOUR needs. Flaps don't fit my needs so my #1 to recommend is a GST or PST.
  11. Lol..please ignore my post....i missunderstood the tittle :shame:

    may i suggest GST or the Classic flaps for starter
  12. The classic flap is a great choice and it also comes in patent leather if you want shiny.
  13. Classic flap!
  14. Chanel 2.55 reissue bags, have been cited in many magazines as an all time classic. It is available in a range of colours and finishes each season.
  15. My #1 bag is the Rose Clair flap that some ladies on this forum have. Unfortunately it is practically unobtainable.

    So my #1 bag is the Red Expandable Tote because I love the leather and the red color from the Expandable line is the most perfect red I've ever seen!