What is the 1 bag attribute that makes you NEED a bag?

  1. Some bags are pretty, some bags are fun to own. But what is the 1 attribute a bag has to have that makes you absolutely, positively NEED to own it? For me, if a bag makes a woman look dainty or feminine I need that bag! And I don't mean the typical frilly shiney bauble of a bag (like most evening bags) I mean unconventional bags that make women look feminine. For some reason large bags that sit on the forearm are completing that feminine desire of mine (i.e. Balenciaga City, Speedy 30, Muse, etc). I have suspicion its cus these large bags make us look fragile and dainty.

    For some it's the leather, functionality or the color. For others it's the "IT" status, recognition, etc. So let's dish. What is the 1 attribute a bag must have in order for you to buy it? :graucho:
  2. the size, i love big bags, and the versatility.
    i dress in so many different styles, and i need a bag to fits with any kind of wardrobe.
  3. It's hard to narrow it down to 1 attribute, but I would say the quality of the leather. It doesn't have to be an "It" bag as long as the leather is fabulous. ie: Hayden-Harnett & Bulga. And I'll love my Chloe Betty forever!
  4. Quality for sure. I love a good leather.

  5. Shape, I think the shape of a bag catches my eye first and tells my tiny brain if I need it or not.

    The quality of the leather will help me justify it's purchase :graucho:
  6. sometimes it's the physical feel of the bag - like the buttery softness of the leather, for example. sometimes it's the uniqueness - i haven't seen anyone around with this particular bag. and lastly, sometimes i just get sucked in by a bag for no apparent reason - i just have to have it & can't explain why
  7. Hi. My first post but a long time lurker and a purse junkie. What makes me have to have a bag are the following qualities. First it must be large and very lightweigt. Then it must zip closed on top and must have outside zipper pockets for my datebook etc. Well, thats two attributes! I do enjoy reading the boards. I can never get enough "purse talk"!!
  8. For me at the moment it's functionality - I carry a lot of gadgets and junk (ipod, PDA, phone) and I'm getting sick of big bags with only one zip pocket and piddly little phone pockets so all my junk just gathers in a heap at the bottom :biggrin: I think the next bag on my wish list is the Miu Miu Coffer - great style, two great big pockets for my gadgets and then a big section for all my usual women's junk :biggrin:
  9. new styles, I love to add the newest items to my collection
  10. The leather!
    The thicker and sweeter smelling, the better.:drool: :love:
  11. It's got to have leather for me. I'll never buy a canvas bag.
    But basically I love slouchy bags with rich colors, soft leather (It's got to be soft...lambskin is ideal) and it's got to have some sort of closure on the top.
  12. It has to be easy to use. I can't stand bags that are hard to get in and out of. I hate messenger type bags. I love zipper bags. I have to be able to fit all my stuff in it easily too. No matter how pretty a bag is..if it doesn't meet those needs, I don't get it. I was looking at a DKNY the other day that I just loved. It was a hobo style and a deep chocolate brown leather...just beautiful. I put my stuff in it in the store to see how it all fit (shouldn't do that, but I always do!) and it just didn't fit all that well and had no room so spare. I put the bag down and walked out without it.
    I carry my speedy 25 everyday pretty much because it fits all my needs. I am looking now for a spring/ summer bag to do the same thing for me.
  13. I love design and quality best. Sometimes I may just picture it with an outfit of mine, and I have to have it.
  14. As a mother of a soon-to-be 4 year old and a 4 month old, I need a large bag. Don't want to carry around a diaper bag that screams "MOM".
  15. While it must be functional and look grand, it's ALL about the leather for me.

    I simply love most Kooba:heart:handbags because their leather feels like an old, well worn bomber jacket.

    Sometimes I find myself caressing my handbag while in a movie theatre. There is something sensual about that feel, the knubby texture and the aroma. And I am attracted to men who wear bomber jackets too, so go figure. *shrugs*