What is that website where you can buy used Vuitton?

  1. Not eBay .. It is a online thing where you can put your items for sale and buy stuff..
  2. Are you thinking of AnnasFabulousFinds?
  3. no .. aarrgh .. I can't remember it!! but thanks though!
  4. are you talking about mypoupette.com?
  5. hmm no not that one either .. :cursing:
  6. sorry double post, lol
  7. no but thanks! great site!!

    Arghh .. Why can't I remember.. I remember they had the damier 'hair' bag .. They had lots of bags.

    Something about as a buyer you cannot use paypal untill 5 succesfull transactions, It was a dark background, the bags were overall presented in squares, so there was alot on the front page..

    On the left side of the page, there was a pic of a bag that was just sold..
  8. Do you mean Let-Trade?
  9. YEEESS!!! Oh thank you ... (deeep sigh..)
  10. Its Damier Sauvage :smile:
  11. ^^^ ohhhh, I love the Damier Sauvage! And yah, like Let-Trade too ;)
  12. luxury shops is great!