What is TFS?

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  1. I see it in so many threads. Someone please fill me in:yes: ;)
  2. I was clueless to this, too, for a while! I found out it meant the fashion site (I think!)
  3. It's the Fashion Spot. It's another discussion forum like this on everything fashion related.

    EDIT: It's a lot of fun, but the fact that their server goes down so often simply drives me crazy.
  4. The Fashion Spot I think
  5. On that note, and this is really stupid, but what does DH stand for? I assume it means some kind of husband? I know BF is boyfriend...but I haven't gotten beyond that!
  6. dear husband, i think
  7. or Darling Husband... either way works! :smile:
  8. This may be a stupid question..but what does KWIM stand for? :shame:
  9. know what I mean? I think
  10. Ohh, that's it! Now why couldn't I figure that out?
  11. http://www.thefashionspot.com

    Everything and anything about: fashion, designers, models, icons, events, clothes, shoes, handbags, celebrity fashion, gossip... etc... etc...
  12. I personally like purseforum better.. TFS takes so long to get through all of the posts and threads.. I always get lost on there.:shocked:

  13. OMG I thought DH means Damn Housband and I wondered why so many girls called him like this. Silly me again:lol: :roflmfao:
Thread Status:
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