What is so special about the "box"?

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  1. I keep hearing the strap is long - how long? And is the box the same as the mini-twiggy?
  2. much bigger than a mini twiggy
  3. I ordered one last week and it will be coming tomorrow..woo hoo. I will post pics. IMO, unlike some of the other bags, it sits up so nice on its own and that is huge to me. It doesn't have to be stuffed to sit up AND the strap is a lot longer than the other ones. It is 27" and the first is 18" or something like that!! Plus it is a little more compact than the gorgeous twiggy (twiggy is a little too big for me)
  4. It's cute, more structured, not as slouchy. I think it's almost same size as twiggy except about 5" shorter. It holds plenty unless you really carry a lot of stuff.
  5. I like it b/c it holds a little more than the first, I like the longer strap and the shorter width. it was the perfect size for me for an everyday purse. I do want a city b/c I have kids and when I'm out with them I need a bigger bag to carry their stuff along too. but I just love, love, love the box:love:
  6. If you took two Firsts and stacked them one on top of another, you'd have roughly the capacity of a box. It really holds a lot, looks great, it's just a truly amazing style.
  7. When carried on the shoulder, does it gap open like the city?
  8. :heart: I don't know how the shoulder strap compares to the First, but the length of the straps that come with the Twiggy and City style is 24 inches long and the one on the Box is 26 1/2 inches long. I personally don't use my straps often buy carry my bags on my forearm mostly, and can still fit the handles on my shoulder if I want to. The Box is much larger than the Mini-Twiggy, and I think the style is really cute looking. Let me apologize to pp100 in advance, but in this photo you can see the City, Twiggy, and Box style pictured together. I love the Box!!!
  9. I MUCH prefer the Box size over the Twiggy - any day!

    The reason is that it doesn't drag down at the ends like the Twiggy - many don't like how their stuff tends to migrate to each end of the Twiggy. I think the Box holds better and doesn't look massive, yet fits in a lot.

  10. ^^ ITA, the box works better for me too
  11. Does anyone carry it mostly over the shoulder?
  12. the box is the best...i hate how they are discontinuing it...and i hate how everyone is suddenly way more interested in him...:hysteric:
  13. :lecture::noggin:
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. Yeah, it's like that great movie that was a sleep at the theater...but the DVD is HOT!!! I think a box cult may be forming ;o) I love the style too, my pale pink box is one of my favorites.

    Does anyone know when the Box style was introduced? Was it in 2005?