What is Sienna wearing?

  1. [​IMG]

    The Bbag is the only thing redeeming about the entire ensemble.:sick: Who let her leave her house like that?
  2. Looks like she's wearing a bathing suit.
  3. she knows she has to keep jude's attention or else he'll stray again! jk!...maybe lol
  4. That's horrible rebecca but probably true..LOL
  5. yep, what a tragic outfit, it stated in the papers today that she was walking around New York like that!!!
    very strange choice indeed........................... me no likey!!!
  6. she seems pregnant in that pic, may be just the angle..
  7. It looks like it's a bathing suit. Save it for the beach honey.
  8. What in the world?!? I've never understood why she got so much credt for fashion in the first place, though.......
  9. I don't think she has ever looked half decent. I think she overdoes things in effort of trying to be unique. And, it backfires, because she always looks horrific, IMO.
  10. I'm not sure about the bathing suit as a top (at least it's a nice bathing suit!), but I actually like the rest of the outfit (the shorts and sandals are both cute, and the hat seems to be her "thing"). I guiltily admit that I quite like Sienna now! :shame:
  11. She makes the black Classique look so chic. I was about to start hating black B-bags because I see them everywhere. think I'm changing my mind.
  12. I really thought it was a bathing suit!:yucky:
  13. OMG!!! and what's with the head???
    i swear, what did she do that made her covered in magazines as style icon???
  14. I think with the body like that she can walk around in the cling wrap and still look HOT!!!
  15. Bizarre is all I can say...that is why she gets press...for being bizarre