What is she wearing

  1. [​IMG]

    I luv the red , anyone seen them around anywhere
  2. Looks like Christian Louboutins. Looks taller than the pair I have but very similar styling. Also, I've seen tall CL this year at NM.

    I think she needs to learn how to tie them! Is this how you wear yours?
  3. if am in a rush i do i usually try to criss cross them up my calf

    oh and thanks
  4. Love the shoes, now only if she'd lose the too small dress!
  5. Cute shoes, but they don't look good on her, in my opinion. I agree with shopalot, the dress is too small and too short.
  6. they are deff CL wedges. preety much sold out, unless u want to pay 2x more on ebay. retail is 345.00
  7. gosh, she isn't classy at all!
    the dress looks like the ones people wear at the seaside and the shoes are cute IMO, but definitely i would match something else!!!:nuts:
  8. Cristina, you're right. It's the dress that looks bad. If you just look at the shoes they look like they are laced ok.

    I wear mine with longer shorts and capris. Kind of a more sporty look.

    Not sure what look she's going after here?!
  9. i dont think they are laced up bad, she could have looked better if she wore a boy beater with a pair of sexy cropped/skinny jeans kwim?
  10. you can preorder the red louboutins at footcandyshoes.com! they have free ship too! i preordered a pair in cream this week :smile:. they will ship in june.
  11. those shoes are cute, but they look really bad on her! i think that dress is all wrong.

    ^ how many shoes have you purchased in the last week? :lol: