What is she wearing? ID this bag - Kirsten Dunst

  1. Can anyone ID this bag Kirsten Dunst was carrying at Sundance? I am guessing its a Miu Miu b/c she is the new spokesmodel, but not sure....


    Pic is from popsugar.com
  2. I like the color on sale at Shopbop too. Very pretty:tup:
  3. its sold out @ Shopbop is there another website that sells that bag
  4. Good question, who carries this bag?

    I just found another thread about it mentioning vanessabruno.com (uber flash heavy site)
    She has some other really nice totes in the spring/summer collection (I am not so into the sequined ones but hey, to each his/her own).

    Overall i really like her understated, simple but sleek style. I wonder how the quality of her bags are tho. Anyone care to comment?
  5. Wow- that patent version went fast! I received my regular leather one from shopbop...actually two b/c I needed to see the colors in real life, and the color I'm returning is Terracotta (more brown than the rust I hoped it to be). It should be showing up on the shopbop website next week...
    Pics of my bag here: