What is "rare" or becoming "rare" that we should snatch up?

  1. Legacy pony scarf is sold-out. What else is "hot" right now that I could be missing?
  2. most legacy stuff in general
  3. Legacy pond shoulder bag. There is just a couple more left on coach.com. I snatched one up!
  4. The Grapefruit and Watermelon Coin Purses.

    The Legacy Striped Wallets.
  5. Anyone know how long the Mandy will last? I really want one but it would be helpful to put off the purchase for a while.. I'm a little nervous now that the Whiskey Shoulder is gone since that was my second choice after the Whiskey Mandy.
  6. Where, when?! I didn't see it online last night & when I went to the Boutique this afternoon they said there were none, in any color.
  7. Im so sorry I meant the Coach 1-888 # Just give them the style # and tell them you'd like pond. They have a few left. :graucho:
  8. -Legacy Leather Shoulder Bags
    -Legacy Striped Accessories


  9. Here is the style # if your interrested......10328:smile:
  10. :cursing: legacy pony scarf is sold out!!!
  11. nobody should come to this thread because otherwise it will make them antsy and want to purchase all the ones that you gals have listed. lol. that is kind of how it is making me feel right now
  12. w/o even realizing it ..along the way I've collected some of these rare items!
    I have the legacy ponytail scarf, legacy coin purse, legacy french purse (coming soon), and the pond shoulder bag.
    Oh and I also recently won the lime coin purse, too..
    and I have the punch swing and mini skinny

    of course I couldn't part with any of them...even if I could sell for more than I paid, i'd keep them!! :smile:
  13. That lime coin purse is the best of all them!!! :heart: Congrats!!
  14. ty... i was SO excited.. couldn't believe I finally won one (kept getting outbid at the last second).. anyway it was shipped yesterday so I should have it by friday. Can't wait!
  15. I think the Lime is cute too! I just don't know why I would need another one. I have the Lemon which is easy to find and use it every single day!

    I would sooo love to have that Legacy French Wallet.