What is PVC material?

  1. Quick question what does pvc stand for? The Burberry site said it's made of pvc and leather trim? :shrugs:
  2. Plastic, sometimes they will pass as fake leather.
  3. PLASTIC?!?!?! I just spent 300.00 on a plastic bag?????
  4. It's vynil plastic
  5. PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride. It's a synthetic resin, I believe, used for plastics. So basically calling it a plastic makes sense...

    I think the Novacheck Burberry bags are pretty much similar to the "coated canvas" of LV, but are usually thicker and might be just as durable, if not more durable.
  6. PVC = Plastic, no matter what fancy terms you use. Send. The. Purse. Back. Unless you just adore it....but I couldn't stomach paying that for anything other than leather....
  7. I had heard that PVC was another term for plastic. WOW! How do high end brands sell these bags for the prices they do and the bags are plastic?! I already know, brand name........wow, what we will pay for a name. Silver, don't think I am saying something negative about your purchase as I'm sure I'm guilty somewhere within my collection. It just bugs me that high end brands make bags out of this material and continue to sell at the prices they do. Ok, off my soapbox now........;)
  8. this made me :roflmfao:
  9. It's the same material used for electrical piping and stuff...not really what I would want for a purse...
  10. oh geezee.. thanks for this thread.. now, i know which bags to stay away from.. hehe
  11. Some Dior bags use PVC too - and though I'll never pay anything to use a PVC bag, let alone pay for them, let's not shoot it down either - it lasts for ages, is durable, ligtweight, withstands the shocks of weather elements, and if you accidentally put a pen to it, you MAY be able to get the pen stains out by using an eraser <hahah>
  12. Have you looked it up on Google? It's an essential in fetish circles:


    Some people think that leather's sexy; other people opt for the taut shine of PVC. ;) I think Dior has a lipgloss that's supposed to mimic the look of PVC.
  13. So, I fell for a BCBGeneration bag today. Looked it up online to send pics of it to my sis (yea we do that) and found out it's made of PVC!

    I didn't know what PVC stood for either but googled it and low and behold PVC = Plastic. I always check to see what material my clothing is before purchasing...guess I'll have to start doing that for my purses (and who knows what else!) now too.

    It wouldn't be SO bad, except I also read they frequently use PHTHALATES to 'soften' the material (check Wikipedia if you want more info)!

    The crappy part is these are BRAND names using these 'alternative' materials and still selling them as if they're using the real thing (I THOUGHT it was made of leather)!

    Anyway, glad I left the tag on to return it!
  14. i believe it's also used to coat leather to form patent leather. they used to use linseed oil, but plastic is faster and cheaper.
  15. lamb bags are made of pvc and i sure there are people here who buy gwens lamb bags