What is proper etiquette when dealing with multiple CAs?


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Oct 7, 2006
I've been shopping at the same boutique for years. My CA has always been a woman I'll call H.

This year, I bought a Catogram Speedy but H wasn't working that day, so I had to buy it from another CA.

Today, I bought a Neo Noe because I had a store credit. I saw H in the store but she wasn't able to help me because she had another client. So today I was helped by 2 different CAs.

All of the new CAs are being very accommodating, giving me their contact info, etc. How do I deal with all these new CAs? What about my original CA? What is the proper etiquette for future purchases? I do feel a loyalty toward H, but I'm unsure about what is the right thing to do.
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Jan 9, 2019
It never hurts to have multiple CA contacts, but I try to stick with one main person that I connect with and build a relationship with them.

There have been times when my main CA is busy with other clients, so someone else helps me and they give me their card. There is no obligation to purchase from them again, but it is beneficial from the CA perspective to connect with as many clients as possible.

At the end of the day, it is your money and as a client you can choose which CA you’d like to work with. If I know I am going to make a purchase or visit the store to look at something, I usually text my CA ahead of time so they can set aside time for me if they aren’t busy. I think that a CA respects loyalty and this relationship is beneficial for you if you are looking for a popular item or wanting to preorder from a future collection.
Jun 16, 2010
I have 3 CA across 3 outlets and they do know that I buy from different stores from time to time. It really helps to stay loyal however sometimes certain stores only carry certain items and that's when i rotate my CAs to get what I want. for me personally, i try to rotate the outlets i buy from so i can see my CA and have a small chat with them each time to let them know that i'm still here to support them
Jan 21, 2013
Forgive my ignorance - what does CA stand for? I've always called my contacts "SAs" (sales associates) and now I feel like I'm not hip to the proper lingo! :amuse:

I have one contact per store at a few stores, but I maintain the strongest contact with the one SA/CA at my home store. I'll always text her to see if there are pieces in stock that I'm looking for, and will give her the heads up when I'm about to pop in. If I come in spontaneously and she's busy with another customer, I have no problems asking another SA for help - only if it's for a new item that my usual SA hasn't shown to me already. If I'm coming in to buy an item my usual SA had shown me previously, I'd wait for her to be available to ring me in so she gets the commission/credit.
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Mar 31, 2007
I would probably wait or ask a manager to give the SA a message that I am here and when would be a good time that I could come back or leave a note about what I want and have the SA call me. For years I had been on the search for an SA that I felt I could be loyal to. I finally found one and don’t think I could ever use anybody else again but him!!! He has an amazing personal story that just made me love him!!
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May 28, 2007
If you feel loyalty towards your primary SA, then simply text her ahead of time to find out 1) her schedule and 2) to let her know when you'll be coming in.

If you pop in and she's busy, simply wait and/or come back when she's free. Personally, I'm never in that big of a rush that I need a item that minute.

I see no benefit in having multiple SA's in one location. In my experience, loyalty pays off (especially in Hermes, maybe less so in Louis Vuitton).
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Feb 23, 2017
My SA just recently transferred from a major department store to a LV boutique. The LV boutique that my current SA transferred to there is another employee that I am friendly with at the boutique. My purchase history is mostly through the department store LV. When I go to the boutique I will text my original SA that I am coming into the store and to please explain to the other SA that I am a client following him the major department store.


Apr 17, 2019
Most SAs don’t give a crap if you purchase from their colleagues. Just saying.
Especially in Europe, at least in most countries, commission doesn’t really exist, the SA/CA don’t need to sell x stuff per month and they have fixed salaries.
I have seen the least interested people to help in Hermès also. If a Birkin or so is to be sold, the store manager will sell it, not the regular employee.