What is Plum Malena?

  1. Anybody knows whether Plum Malena is the same as Purple Malena?

    I saw the color box at the jc.com for the plum malena and it is not the same as the color box for purple maddy, so is this a dfferent color or it is just my computer screen or my eyes?

    I thought plum only comes out in liquid patent....this malena is shiny leather in plum, but no picture is coming out (in myscreen), I can only see from the color box.
  2. hanei - I cannot view the pictures either. But, that True bag that I got in Chicago - python on the front and nappa on the back...it is officially called plum.

  3. hanei...jchoo.com has had problems in the past with colors and saying they had certain bags when they don't. I think I would stay away from ordering from them. They also send out bags with flaws. Did you e-mail them for clarification? You may be able to call them as well and have them e-mail you a pic of the bag.
  4. Oh...I'll be careful. But I am curious of what this plum color might be. Maybe the True bag jburgh had would be the color they meant here. Just thought that maybe somebody has seen it before.

    Thank you.
  5. I just went to the jchoo.com site and even tho you cannot view the pics, it says L Plum, so this must be the liquid plum. It also says it is sold out.
  6. Hmmm, maybe, but I think the "L" refers to the size Large....