What is PCE?

  1. I'm new to collecting Coach and have seen several people refer to PCE all over the boards. What is it? When is it? Thanks!
  2. Preferred Customer Event. If you shop a lot and spend larger amounts ofmoney consistently at Coach, a few times a year we have an event where you're sent an invitation to come in and purchase for 25% off.
  3. Oooo, well since no Coach store is near me I won't get that, LOL! Thanks though! Now I know what I'm reading about!
  4. Well I've spend uisually 400 a couple times in store I hope hope HOPE I get one!!
  5. If you don't, Candy, and your SA's know you pretty well-- then go in during the event and ask your favorite SA for an invite. I bet they will give you one. We do sneaky things like this for our good customers, or so I hear.... *coughs delicately*
  6. Awww I don't know if they'd remember me tho! I only get to go a couple times a month if even that. ;_; Well I'll just hope to get one! IF not I think stopping by the store and mentioning it can't hurt. ;)
  7. I've tried searching but all I get is more abbreviations.

    Anyone care to explain? Sounds like a big sale, but better?
  8. It stands for "preferred customer event", basically coach sends out a 25% off offer to frequent customers a few times a year. :smile:
  9. Thanks!
  10. Oh... good to know. There are so many abbreviations on this site that I still don't understand and am too embarassed to ask. :shame: Thanks for teaching me the PCE!
  11. ^Don't ever feel embarassed to ask about anything! :smile: When I first joined, I saw people keep using this abbreviation, "DH". I couldn't for the life of me figure it out, so I broke down and asked. Now posts make a lot more sense. *LOL*

    So always ask, and we'll be happy to answer. :smile:
  12. What is DH? I see it all the time. My brain just goes "blank" when I read past it. I think it's stands for "a husband" or something like that. :roflmfao:
  13. DH is dear or darling husband
  14. ^Yep. :smile:

    So pretty much anything with "D" in front of it is standing for "Dear". Then there are other ones: "DD" = dear daughter, etc.

    Unless it's in Coach, and then they could be talking about the "Drilldown". *L* (Which is a site where you can plug in Coach style numbers and a picture of the bag will come up.)