What is Paris wearing?

  1. I am trying to find out what brand this top is, any help would be much appreciated!


    The belt looks like Fendi almost, no? And I think the white tank top is a completely different piece. Just wondering about the black and white strapless top. Thanks all!
  2. It might be Dior, I think.
  3. The original design was Dior but this looks like it's from a store that does designer inspired items, like Forever 21 or H&M. Maybe it just looks cheaper cause of her and that belt.
  4. That's a Fendi B belt, which is still being sold (from $420 to $650, depending on size and color) and I'm 85% sure that's a Dior top, but I'm also certain it's not found in retail anymore. :sad:
  5. Not sure but its cute!