What is on your wish list

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  1. My wish list:
    1. Fendi Spy
    2. Dior Gaucho
    3. Gucci small black horsebit clutch
    4. louis vuitton mono. pouchette
  2. I just got my dream Gucci Amalfi and my Prada antic brown wallet, so my wish list has been filled. And after these two purchases, the DH is hinting that my wish list needs to stay blank for a while! :roflmfao:
  3. This is my DREAM wish list *sigh*

    Balenciaga Cafe Twiggy or City

    Chanel Black Lady Braid Tote

    Hermes Black Birkin w/PH

    I will probably actually get the Balenciaga, the other two ... :shrugs: