What is on your wish list

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  1. My wish list:
    1. Fendi Spy
    2. Dior Gaucho
    3. gucci horsebit clutch black
    4. Louis Vuitton mono. pouchette
  2. 1. balenciaga twiggy (not sure on colour but from '05 no veiny leather)
    2. balenciaga work or weekender (lilac)
    3. balenciaga box or day (rouille or rouge vif or cornflower or ink)
    4. chloe mini paddington (british tan)
    5. louis vuitton silver mirior (any size)
  3. A Kooba from the 2007 Spring line (Nina)
    A Gryson from their Spring Line
    A Hayden Harnett (maybe a Lorca)
    A Balenciaga Twiggy
  4. Alexander McQueen Novak
    Gustto Big Baca
    Botkier Essex, large
    MiuMiu Cofer, suede
    Jimmy Choo Ramona
  5. I'm adding miroir pouchette and chloe paddington.
  6. Damier speedy 25
    Something from Tod's: D bag or Kate
  7. Bottega Veneta Ball bag (next year, definitely)
    Hermes Bolide (on wishlist indefinitely)
    Jimmy Choo Rikki (may change mind)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.