What Is On Your Wish List??

  1. Well ladies, this is a loaded question....WHAT IS ON YOUR WISH LIST?

    I cannot seem to get away from black.
    Here is mine:
    1- Black Metallic Reissue 227 with silver h/w
    2- Black GST ( I have the PST already...in black of course)
    3- Black Crackled patent Jumbo

    And yes....every Chanel I own is black. Don't ask....I can't explain....LOL
  2. Mine:
    1. BLACK MC N/S Tote
    2. GST w/ SH in Dark Bordeaux
  3. Ooh here's mine (wish I had the money to realise it soon!):

    1. Metallic Black reissue in size 226/227
    2. Dark Gold reissue in size 225/226
    3. Luxe Bowler in black/bronze
  4. Eh, nothing much really...*runs and hides*

    Nothing really I'm DYING to have..Chanel that is. I'm sure I could find things to buy if I had $ to burn.
  5. 1. Black Leather Baby Cabas
    2. Red Caviar Timeless Clutch
    3. Expandable Tote from last season in Navy
    4. Brown/Brown Aviator Sunnies 4143
  6. I have to see the GST in Dark Bourdeaux....it sounds too beautiful!
  7. 227 Metallic Black Reissue
    Bold Red Medium Veneta BV hobo... maybe
    F/W 2007 Chanel Lady Stretch pumps

    getting my Hermes Rose Shocking or Fuschia Bearn after i get my car
  8. LV Red/White Epi Speedy 25
    BV Limo Campana/Veneta
    White Classic Caviar Flap 226
    Red Classic Lambskin Flap 226/ E/W
  9. I'm SOOO DESPERATE to have a Pink Chanel Bag!!
  10. Hmmm....something red and something dark brown. Which style? Haven't decided yet!
  11. Hoo-wee! I have a loooong list.

    1) Jumbo Flap - unsure of color
    2) GST - black or dark bordeaux or dark navy
    3) Ultimate Soft - black or brown
    4) Lady Braid Satchel - grey or blue
    5) Cerf - large, brown
    6) Diamond Stitch Tote
    7) Expandable Tote - Red
    8) Timeless Classic Wallet - Black
    9) Sunglasses - unsure of style

    I could keep going and going and ...

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  12. GST in black with silver hardware
    GST in white
    Timeless Clutch in white
    Baby Coco Cabas in white

    Not Chanel, but I'm also lusting for a Marc Jacobs bag! I love his designs!
  13. 1) black metallic reissue 227/228
    2) white caviar jumbo with new chain
    3) timeless classic clutch in white caviar
    4) Expandable tote in white
    5) Luxe bowler in black
  14. Definitely something red...but I haven't decided what style yet.
  15. Only 1 thing.

    Chocolate brown bubble quilt flap. I must have this bag.