What is on your l.a.m.b. Wishlist?

  1. HI :smile:
    I would love :
    Marigold Tote
    Marigold Wallet
    Ombre oxford
    Silver signature wallet

    and anything Rasta :p
  2. This is a stretch but...

    Spring '08 Green Glazed Capri

    in nice shape. PM me if you see one! TIA :flowers:
  3. A PURE SADDLE Williamsfield tote. This hasn't been produced yet, but I'm still waiting for it LAMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I've been wanting a Dorset Covey too! Although I'm a total drawstring bag person so it's not a stretch for me. I used my Dorset Haswell satchel this week and forgot how amazing the leather is on those bags.

    Great list! I also saw in your signature that you want a Ceylon wallet. That is a wallet I've always wanted too! But luckily I want Lapis or Barley so I won't compete with you over the Coal...:p;) I will keep an eye out for you for the Coal one!
  5. Carlisle satchel - I don't even really have a colour/fabric preference. I hemmed and hawed back in '08, went off bags for a full-on makeup addiction, and have come full-circle. Now, I want.

    The black Love Sadler Crossbody on Shopbop.
  6. Hi Ladies! It's been waaaaay too long since I've made a post in here but I'm on the prowl for a Donington Billfold or clutch wallet in Kaleidoscope. It's a long shot but I am optimistic!
  7. I want a saddle Commodore! I never see them on the bay!
  8. Rasta key pouch and chateau...

    I saw someone has a rasta eton! Jealous! These three bags are the only rasta's I dont own! One day!
  9. Wow! Do you own all the other Rasta bags? I'd love to see a picture of all of them together :smile:
  10. Cheetah Carlisle...so dreamy :drool:

    Btw, I'm a long time L.A.M.B. tpf stalker, first time poster! :woohoo:
  11. ^Woo hoo! I'm happy you decided to finally post. Welcome! :welcome:
  12. Pretty much. I sold a few that didn't work out for me. Right now I have a grantham, exeter, commodore, alston, and montego and both wallets. I've sold off my carlile x2, devon, mandeville, and kingston.

    The bags I have now I love and will keep, just lusting after a chateau, keypouch, and maybe one day a eton. Rasta is my absolute favorite too. ;)
  13. I really want the Black Lamb bettie bag! I've only seen one pic of it and can't find it for sale ANYWHERE :sad:
  14. Whoa, black betty, blam ba lam whoa black betty blam ba lam...

    Sorry, couldn't help myself...