What is on your current must-have list?

  1. On my list:

    Morning after mini in tangerine
    The steady in dusty/silver spot
    Niki in yellow
    Dream Bag in choc suede

    lol - is that too much?:sweatdrop:
  2. Ooh, fun!

    My must-have list:

    MAM in Tangerine
    MAM in Violet
  3. MAM in Tangerine

    MAM in Midnight/Gold Crackle

    MAM in Wine

    Matinee in Eggplant
  4. ive had 2 RM bags, the first one was a matinee in espresso which my mother liked so much i ended up giving it to her :crybaby:... and the 2nd one was a MAM in wine/burgundy suede, and i thought i was buying the MAM in wine!
    so my current must have list is:

    any RM matinee or MAM sounds about right...
  5. Matinee in New Black/Black Suede
    Matinee in Wine
    MAB or Nikki or Elisha (if they do exist in the color) in Navy

    *sigh* :smile:
  6. Matinee in Wine
    Nikki in Navy
    MAM in Black/Blue Stamp
  7. any RM bag in any colour
  8. See my signature! :wlae:
  9. Nikki night blue
    MAB wine
  10. MAM in Tangerine and Violet
    Nikki in Night Blue
    RM Elisha in Blue
    And another Matinee - not sure what color yet!
  11. MAM tangerine
    MAM violet <~ since i missed out on the purple MAM :p
  12. MAM black basketweave
    MAM black stamp or sage stamp
    MAM tangerine
  13. MA in wine or berry
    STEADY in jade

    Previously was NO STRINGS in whitewash/rosegold, but I think the Steady is taking over the x-body lust.
  14. MAM in Night Blue with studded zippers
    Matinee in Espresso/Green and Jade
  15. Matinee in midnight/pewter (on its way)
    MAM in Ruby