What Is On Your Closet Floor...

  1. Two laundry baskets, one full of dirty laundry ready to be washed, the other empty.
  2. Right now, Everything!! One of my closet shelves collapsed yesterday, so I had to take all my clothes off and pile them on the floor until my husband can fix it. Thankfully we have a huge walk in closet so we can still move around, but not by much now!!!
  3. shoes and some bins with clothes in them
  4. Shoes shoes and more shoes!
  5. yep, mine too!
  6. wedding presents waiting for that new house so they can be useful
  7. Boxes upon boxes of ho scale trains and houses.
  8. laundry baskets, toilet paper, kleenex, various clothing...it would be awful if i wanted to get something from the back.
  9. Lots of shoes and boxes and a couple of storage bins.
  10. Lol that sounds like the contents of my dad's closet! He loves trains.
  11. Nothing but shoes on my closet floor!!
  12. I've got shoe boxes and some other storage boxes.
  13. Closet floor? Are you guys talking about that big soft mass you have to sort of swim through to get to the shelves and things?
  14. I'm a brit so I don't have a walk in closet. I did turn my spare room into a dressing room though and right now the only thing on the floor is an empty laundry basket :yahoo:
  15. Nothing :smile: