What is on sale at BV Singapore??

  1. Hi, I'm flying over to Singapore tomorrow. I'm wondering what the BV boutiques have in stock, and what sale items are left. Also, is it worth visiting the airport BV counter?

    What other shops are worth visiting in Singapore? I haven't been over for a while.

  2. hi mgdinosaur, there are 2 bv stores in singapore, but i think the sale items would mostly be out by now. when it started a couple of weeks back it was mostly small items in colours from 2 seasons ago and some bags in seasonal colours and it was 30% off.

    the airport bv counter has a cosy selection of stuff, and you will find most of the classics there. it will be 7% lower than downtown prices as it's tax free. but unless you are looking for classic designs, it may not have what you're looking for.

    there are lots of shops worth visiting in singapore, but it depends on what you are after. if it's designer boutiques perhaps it's better to buy at dfs in scotts or the airport, but if it's regular fashion i recommend massimo dutti, zara, mango, tangs, takashimaya, robinsons and isetan.
  3. Thank you..

    I was recommended Club 21 at the Four Seasons, and Black Jack at Forum Galleria..

    looking fwd to visiting..
  4. hi mgdinosaur, club 21 is good for designer labels. also take a look at hilton gallery, mandarin hotel arcade, paragon shopping centre and the raffles hotel if you have time.
  5. Remember to claim back your tax rebate!
  6. I believe the tax rebate you get is 5%. You need to look carefully on the receipt to see how much they really refund you. I think they also charge you about 1% as service charge so on the receipt it might be only 4% left. When I was waiting in line at the airport tax refund counter last time, I heard people complaining and actually taking out calculator to do some calculation.
  7. Does anyone know if the BV stores in Singapore have a mailing list (for regular/ preferred customers)? I bought my Black Satin Knot Clutch from a BV store in Singapore earlier this year, but the SA did not mention anything about a mailing list, and I was too excited about the purchase to remember to ask. Just wondering if I am missing out on all the pre-sales by not being on the mailing list (if there is one). Appreciate if anyone out there could enlighten me. Thanks.
  8. there is a mailing list. bought my first BV about a week ago and filled out a form with personal details and the SA told us that she'll call if there are upcoming sales or new collections coming into the shop.
  9. Thanks! I am going to enquire why the SA in Taka didn't tell me about it. Can't believe I lost my chance to get something at the sale! Sob Sob.......
  10. minda,
    i didnt bother to get onto the mailing list when i bought from bv recently.
    dont worry - hang around in this forum and these nice ladies here will tell us when there is a sale or something....
  11. Thank you all BV ladies! I am relying on all of you to give me the inside scoop and latest happenings. :tup:
  12. hi minda, it's really not much help to get on the mailing list. by the time you actually get the mailer most of the good deals have already been snapped up in-store. better to rely on a good sa - mine called a day before to tell me what was on sale and also to ask if i wanted her to put aside anything for me.
  13. Thanks armcandyaddict! I feel better about my "lost" bargains and missed opportunities now. No way can I qualify as a regular, or strike up a good relationship with a SA with only one BV knot clutch purchase to date! ;)
  14. Hi Minda! I might have some good news for you. I spoke to my friend who is visiting Singapore and she just came back from the new Bottega boutique at the Duty Free Store in the City (NOT at the airport) and she said there were quite a number of 30% off nice SALE things left INCLUDING the medium Corallo Veneta that I think you're looking for! :nuts:

    There were at least two medium Corallo Venetas left and one medium veneta that was either blonde or pergamena.
    She also said there was one gorgeous bright blue cocker on SALE also at 30% off. The color was described as very stunning and striking with tinges of turquoise.
    She was literally at the store just a few hours ago (heard the BV boutique at the DFS in town just opened a few weeks ago).
    So if you hurry over tomorrow, you should still find those items on the shelf.

    Best of luck!! :tup:
  15. Dear Leah, you are the sweetest and kindest!!! Thank you so much. I called the store immediately after reading your posting today, but found out that the Large Veneta (which is the size I was eyeing) is sold out. Thank you anyway. :heart: