WHAT is on Katherine Heigl's feet?

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  1. Hello all. I live on this forum, I'm addicted, but I've never posted until today. The thing that has lured me out of my shy shell is (what else) a lust worthy pair of shoes that Katherine Heigl is wearing as she pumps gas (sigh). I know I have seen them before, I've also seen a million knockoffs, but I have no idea who makes them and I MUST know. These are so going on the credit card.
    Please help, if any of you ladies has any clue about these shoes, I would be eternally indebted to you.

  2. I don't recognize this pair, but the heel looks like Pierre Hardy or maybe Sergio Rossi
  3. I was thinking Jonathan Kelsey, his shoes have that shape, like this one:

  4. Here's a pic from the front:

  5. Actually, I retract my earlier opinion -

    almost all of Oscar de la Renta's Spring 08 shoes (that I've seen) have this shape, and I believe that her coat is Oscar de la Renta also.
  6. I have DEFINITELY seen those shoes before but I can't remember what store they were in.
  7. I have been frantically hunting like mad. I went with everyone's suggestions, searched the internet all afternoon, and there were some Sergio Rossi cone heels that I found, but I still haven't found these. It's maddening. I even found the knockoffs! (photo below) They have to be a noted designer of they are being copied.

    The paparazzi should be like Joan Rivers at the awards shows.
    "So, Katherine, what are you wearing this afternoon? Those shoes are FAB darling!"

    Thanks to everyone for the suggestions, and if anyone else has any ideas, please please please speak up![​IMG]
  8. hahaha- in that gas pumping pic with her hair like that and wearing that coat Katherine Heigl looks like she's a 50 y.o. socialite :roflmfao:
  9. i love the color combo she has them in