What is Nutella?

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  1. I saw someone using it on the Food Network. Can anyone tell me what this is?

    chocolate hazelnut spread, like peanut butter but thinner and way better tasting.
    everyone in europe eats it all the time. I freaking love it on everything. go get some asap! unless you have allergies to nuts...
  3. It's hazenut spread. Kind a like peanut butter but hazelnut flavored. It's so good!!! They even put it in crepes. You should try it! I warn you it's so addictive.
  4. Do you know Ferrero Rocher, the hazelnut chocolate balls wrapped in gold foil? Ferrero in Italy makes those and Nutella, and basically, the inside bit of the Ferrero Rocher, where the nut is, is covered with Nutella. Yumm!!
  5. ooooo thats some good ****! I remember having it on crepes in Switzerland :biggrin: Its exactly what they described! I love the spread, they don't sell it here :sad:
  6. NUTELLA IS AMAZING. You should seriously go out and buy some right now! It'll be next to all the peanut butter.
  7. Lol, I love you guys, always a well of information! I briefly considered whether anyone would even know what I was talking about...

    After listening to those descriptions, I would really like to try it. You pretty much had me at "chocolate hazelnut" :lol: But I've never seen it before at the market, maybe it it not sold here in the United States?
  8. Ok, just read your post Jeanna... I go out tomorrow I think!
  9. They don't sell Nutella in Hawaii?!

  10. Not that I know of, my professor stocks up when he goes to Europe. Someone ship me some :lol: jj.
  11. Noriko - do you have a Costco or Walmart near you?? They should carry it. If they don't, let me know -- you shouldn't have to be deprived. :biggrin:
  12. ^^^we have Costco and Wal-Mart, I've never seen it there! I'll go check :biggrin: Thanks! Not that I need to get fatter :sad:
  13. we buy ours from an english pub/shop here in L.A. do you have and english pub/shop nearby? I still have the jar that has Koby Bryant on it before his "indiscretion" and the company dumped him as a spokesperson!
  14. ^^^can't think of any English pubs here but there must be at least one, I'll check on that too, you guys have made me crave this stuff! :nuts:
  15. Omg! Nutella is SOOO good! I love nutella + strawberries