What is normal wear and tear???

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  1. I need everyone's help, please! I've recently noticed that the edges of the leather pieces on my cornflower box have frayed and since this is the first B-bag that I have used on a daily basis, I am wondering if it is normal wear or do I have a really poorly made bag. I have been using it for the past three months. I've circled the areas in my pictures. What do you think? Thanks.
    cornbluewear.JPG cornfrontwear.JPG
  2. IMO, if you are paying 1k for a bag, that should not happen.
  3. Hey you :heart: That is exactly what I'm thinking!!
  4. so i guess I shouln't use my bag daily then.. gosh, will be too sad if it will become frayed...
  5. My black city had an edge that was in the very beginning stage of fraying and I decided to "seal" the fray before it got any worse. I dabbed a bit of clear nail polish along the edge using a toothpick. I made sure not to get any polish on the surrounding leather. It's been a few weeks now and the edge is still as good as new. I'm waiting to see what happens over time--if the polish gets weird or something--but so far so good.

    I'm not sure I'd recommend this yet, but I figured it was worth a shot since the fray was really bothering me.
  6. hmmm...where did you get it smallfry? i'd compain if i were you. first of all, you're absolutely right, for these prices you should be able to use the bag daily! and to give you extra ammunition, i just took a look at some of my own b bags and don't see that type of fraying (except for some of the tassles that is)...can you go back to the store?
  7. When the sealant on the edges of the leather cracks, the multiple layers of leather separate, and then you get that fraying. Usually that happens after a few years of use, but if the bag was manufactured with too little of the sealant, it'll happen prematurely. It also happens faster in a dry climate. I have one bag that's like that on most of the edges, and it's less than a year old. It could have come from a bad batch, or it might be because the original owner lives in NYC...
  8. I bought it off ebay from a really great seller and have contacted her to see if she still has the receipt. Hopefully it will be from a store that has a good return policy :smile:
  9. Thanks litlj...you explained it perfectly :yes: I think it was made with too little sealant - the quality of the '06 bags has not really seemed up to par with past productions.
  10. oh good luck, i hope you're able to fix it easily! i haven't bought any 2006 bags (yet) :shame: but from what i'm reading there do seem to be major quality control issues! :rant:
  11. I also have bag from 06 spring season (grey first) & I've been using it everyday for the past 3 month. Fortunately, it's not frayed like the pics that you showed us. However, I noticed, the color of the leather getting lighter & softer. Gee.. I hope you can get it fix or refund it...
  12. hopefully u get the receipt and u can get it fixed... bags that expensive should be timeless.