what is non-paying bidder process?

  1. Hi everyone -- I am a very new seller on ebay. i am one of those buyers who pays immediately -- I treat everything like a BIN w/immediate payment required! Because that's how I like to do business, I say in my sale listings that I require immediate payment w/BIN and payment w/i 24 hours of the auction closing otherwise.

    My question is, is my 24-hr rule enforceable? Like, I have a buyer who has not responded at all to either an invoice sent immediately after the auction ended or a separate reminder email sent the next day. Now it has been over 24 hours since the auction ended. What are my options? I know I can't file a non-paid item claim through ebay until 7 days have passed. What are the advantages of that NPI claim? What if I don't care about getting the listing fee back or whatever? (It was not an expensive item so the fee isn't high, and I really don't sell very much anyway.) Is it possible for me to relist the item before 7 days have passed? I may have another buyer willing to take a second-chance offer, so I'd like to be able to act on that ASAP w/o having to wait for this jerk to respond. Thanks for any advice!
  2. I don't think the 24-hour rule is enforceable because it goes against EBay's policy. You would be in danger of getting a negative from the "first" buyer. I also pay immediately, but I guess not everyone does. I sold a Michael Kors bag last night and haven't heard from the winner yet. I'll sent a nice note tomorrow and then if I don't hear from her late in the week, I'll send another note asking if she changed her mind. If I don't hear anything after that, I'll file a NPB.
  3. No, 24 hours is not truly enforceable. eBay requires you to wait 7 days before even starting the NPB Alert.
    To be honest, it's not friendly either :sad:
    I give 5 days if paying w/ Paypal and 10 if paying w/ money order. Not everyone is sitting on their compuer waiting for the auction to end. Some people may have limited access, 24 hours is a litle hardcore to me.
  4. Swanky, I agree 24 hours is kind of quick, and truthfully I was/am prepared to give people more time. However, I haven't had any kind of response from this person yet, so it just makes me a little nervous. I guess it's just that for myself, as a buyer, I don't bid on so many things at once that I can't keep track of when auctions are ending. :smile: Anyway, I'll feel a lot better if the bidder simply touches base with me in the next day or two. We'll see. It's not a high-dollar item, as I said, so it's not a big deal, really. But this is the first time I have run across this, so I was wondering what the process is. Thanks very much to you and Rondafaye for your input.
  5. I currently have 3 buyers who are nearly 3 weeks late with payment...24 is nothing!
  6. 24 hours doesn't work, as it's not enforceable. I had buyers that waited a week and longer to pay! I was so sick of friendly reminders - then waiting for 7 days to send an Ebay reminder, then waiting another 8 days for the final value fee that I have since changed all my auctions to a fixed auction with immediate payment required. It is WONDERFUL!
  7. no problem! I too pay the moment the auction ends, but most Buyers do not.
    Has she responded yet?
  8. I give 3 days to pay, and that is including that I send invoices and reminders. If I have not heard from the buyer at all ater 3 days, I will send them an email asking if they are still interested. And I do file the NPB if I don't get paid...It may sound petty, but most of the items I sell are designer bags or jewelry and I don't want to get stuck paying the final value fees if the person never paid me!
  9. My policy states they have 24 hours just to contact me and 7 days to pay. You can't file for 7 days on an unpaid item anyways.