What is NM calling Vert D'eau?

  1. Has anyone found out what Neiman Marcus is calling the new Vert D'eau color?

    XOChrissie - do you know?
  2. Gorgeous?

    This is definitely a color I will not be missing out on!

    I think it means sea green or something like that.
  3. :drool: I totally agree! :yes: Here's another view of it ... I don't love it as much as the swatch color, but still nice...
  4. ^^that looks like the Blue India to me...
  5. I was thinking the same thing! But it is greener...it was part of the photo of all the new Spring '07 colors on ateliernaff.

    atelier.naff: Seafoam! (ish) ...SS07 color swatches

    Actually I just held my Blue India up next to the picture and it looks almost the same...hmmm....
  6. i hope it's a mintier seafoam green. droooooool.
  7. If you look at the atelier naff blog, she does state that those are her guesses as far as the color swatches.

    So there is hope yet!
  8. Know what? I'm not sure the verte d'eau swach is the same as that bag. I wonder if that bag is the turquoise color on the swatches that has no name under it. I think the bag looks exactly like blue india. Daphne told my Mom that she had the actual leather swatch and verte d'eau had very little blue in it and looked closer to pistachio than seafoam. She described it as a light jade color. Is this one going to be another mystery color like blue india was?:graucho: I have a hunch the naturel may be the big seller this spring. Maybe not the biggest hit here on the forum because these girls are braver than most.:lol: The naturel will go with anything and my Mom, I both got on the list early for that one. My finace said no more purses that my closet is ridiculously full of bags. I said "Oh really"?:graucho: Whatever. There is always room for one more, or two or......
  9. I tell you what - I am finding the Blue India IMPOSSIBLE to photograph. I have YET to capture the true color in a photo, no matter what I try. Looking at other Blue India photos, it seems to be a common problem. It almost always looks like a pale sky blue in the photos!!! That's why I'm leaning towards that bag pictured in my post #3 above to being Vert D'eau. I could look at that bag and agree on the description of "light jade" - but not "pistachio" (at least not Balenciaga's previous incarnation of Pistachio)... so I'm finding those two descriptions for the same color to be a bit contradictory. :confused1:
  10. mpark
    The literal translation for Vert D'eau is water green. But for the French, Vert D'eau just means light green.
  11. Here's my Blue India Part Time, compared to Glimmer's BI Twiggy and the mystery Sp'07 bag ... Glimmer's photo is about the truest representation of the BI color I have seen (although I think the photo is a tad darker). My Part Time looks like a washed out sky blue ... and that's definitely not what it looks like in person.

    The color in the Sp'07 photo doesn't look the same as either of these particular photos, though.
    bi3.jpg glimmers_twiggy.jpg vertdeau2.jpg
  12. I agree fiat. Since the first picture of BI they have all looked different. The thing is, it does look different in each lighting situation, like blue ink. The camera catches the color, but each lighting situation it morphs into another color. That's the problem. My mom took a lot of pictures of hers. I asked her to put them on a disc for me. I will put them in a photo album and post the link. If I have time tomorrow I will get the bag, take pictures in every possible lighting situation to help clarify this.
  13. and that is what she said it looked like. If she had to compare it to any other Balenciaga it would be pistachio only darker. No blue at all and not like seafoam.
  14. I'm not sure what we are calling it yet. Sometimes we just go by that name, sometimes we call it something totally different.

    For example, the camel color for fall, although we call it camel and the computer shows camel, the name on the tag is teak brown.

    I think some SAs are beginning to call the Vert d'eau as turquoise.

    I will have to try to find out!
  15. Hi mpark46,

    Think that colour of bag is cobalt?