What is next on your 'to purchase' list?

  1. I figured with it being January and many of us still feeling the pinch after xmas :tdown:it might be fun to talk about what is next on our 'to buy' lists. Just cuz we might not be able to buy them yet doesn't mean we can't talk about them :p

    Mine is a wallet of some sort, haven't decided which one yet but definately a Chloe wallet! What about u ladies? :woohoo:
  2. I think I'd like to get a baby paddington next. Not sure what colour though. I do love your chocolate one.
  3. I keep thinking about what I want my next Chloé bag to be, but I can't decide.

    I think for color I want a gray or chocolate brown color... or maybe something metallic?

    I've been eyeing everyone's Silverados and Quilted Bays, but I can't decide. I'm rather new to Chloé, as I just purchased my first Paddington a couple weeks ago, and I guess I don't know all the options.

    I am interested to see what bag is on everyone else's list. Maybe it will help my decision.
  4. A spring/summer bag, to hold with summer dresses, and maybe a wallet...
    Not sure yet.. I need to go out to the shops and see the trends...
  5. shhhhhhhhhhhh..... I'm going to cheat and get a new LV!!
  6. I want a purple/voilet chloe of some sort, probably a bay bag!
  7. sooo many things I want so I will only list one... lets see......
    A tall bay in black or moka
  8. A :love:Pigalle Quilted Medium Bay:love: asap....
  9. As i think i MIGHT have mentioned before... I am desperaterly hunting for a black betty...:love:
    I have already waited for about FIVE weeks :sad:and got myself other two bags in the meanwhile (LV and Chloe), so that my savings have nearly dwindled away:sos:... but i am still determined to find the black betty i've been lusting after for quite a while now... It is very close to an obsession, KWIM?:hysteric:

    PS Nice idea, cat_uk!
  10. I'm afraid my next purchase won't be for a very long time. So i have no idea :sad: I shall have to live through you guys. So get buying.
  11. It is weird that it makes me very happy when someone on the forum has bought something isnt it? :lol:
    I love seeing the pictures. Anyways what I want is the east-west bay bowler in black and I am getting it soon as well unless it sells out while I am arguing with myself over the purchase. I know I am going to end up buying it so I dont know why I argue about it with myself and I better get it because if I somehow miss out I will end up buying two bags instead to fill the gap of missing out on a bag I wanted.
  12. Wow Ladies, all of these bags are making my mouth :drool: water. Why oh why do these beautiful bags have to cost so much :shrugs: but would we love them so much if they were cheaper?

    littleblackbag-I'm sure the ladies on here will fill the time before u can make ur next buy:graucho:

    Miss Evil- I know what u mean about being happy when others buy and post pics, its still exciting!

    "PS Nice idea, cat_uk!" Thanks Mariabds
  13. I'm beginning to think i need a saskia in turquoise... the more i look at it, the lovelier it is...
  14. The saskia is growing on me too which is not a good thing because I cant have too many bags on my wish list. I have been looking at the red one and the fact that I wear red boots and gloves and scarf all in red at the moment with a black coat made me think how nice it would be with the red saskia. Then again I dont know if colours like that is something one will wear for years to come.
  15. :drinkup: I'm right there with you, littleblackbag! All of the deals on TPF have made me ssssoooo broke, so I'll need a break from all this shopping and enjoy vicariously through you guys :popcorn: