What is next on your bag to buy list? Me- maybe a Baca??

  1. Isn't it funny how one day you are craving a black purse size Longchamp Le Pilage and then the next day you are thinking of a Gustto Baca? :p Oh wait, that's me!

    I would consider one of these bags if I were to find one on sale at an amazing price :yes:

    What is next for you?
  2. I've got two Bacas and I really want another one! I'm also debating a Gustto Cala. Can't decide if I like it or not.
  3. Why do you like the Baca? I wonder if it's going to scream "2007!!!".
  4. I'm iffy on the Baca, but I think I'm definitely going to get a Gustto next. I do really like the medium Parina.
  5. Hi Guys! I'm thinking of collecting Bacas in different sizes and colors. I have a big Baca in black/patent and I just bought a small rust on eBay, so I'm going to see what the future holds re: choices.

    I also have a Setela (med.) in taupe. Gusttos are great bags, but I have to say, I think they need a little better quality control in some areas.

    Oh and as for my list, I'm pretty sure I want a Kooba Elisha in the new black suede/patent. I rarely go for suede but this bag is SO gorgeous I may break my no suede rule for it.
  6. I luv Gustto bags!! I have the large Setela in Caramel, and it's one of my favorite bags. So lightweight and roomy, and that leather is TDF!! I also own a Big Baca in vintage brown and a regular sized Baca in rust (I bought a previously carried Blue Baca on eBay that I really, really liked, but it was much more worn than described, so my daughter is now carrying it!) I think Gustto bags are here for quite some time and I"m curious to see what styles they come up with. The leather alone makes these bags a must have for any serious handbag collector!!

    As for my next bag - that would be a Botkier Sasha Duffle in the new grey ("Ice"??) for fall. Either that, or I'm waiting for the Blue Jean Gryson Olivia to go on sale at Nordstroms - I haven't seen it anywhere else (I guess a Saks in PA had it for $357 last week but I was too late!). I already own one in black, but I just luv that denim blue color and have to have one!!
  7. I WANT a Bottega Tote in Magenta from a past season but if I can't find it I will be FORCED to buy another Balenciaga :p

    I also want a Tod's D Bag Tote in Gray Patent .... AND ...

    a Brown Chanel Cerf Tote ....

    I also need a Cream colored bag but not for sure what yet ....

    Well, you DID ask :p
  8. I have 2 Gusttos including a Baca so I am okay for now. My 2 bags for this year were the Woven Skye in Blue Jean (and I already got it) so my next big WANT is the Botkier Rose Hobo. It's not in the color I want yet or the site that has a discount code so I am waiting.
  9. I love the Baca for it's incredibly soft, smooshy leather and it's infinite stuffing ability. I think it's timeless...I don't think it screams "2007" at all. It's definitely one of my favorite bags of all time.
  10. Is this a Gustto thread or can anyone play? :smile:
  11. Azia, I'm not sure how this turned into a Gustto thread :confused1: I wanted to hear what was on everyon's wish list, reagardless of the brand :yes:
  12. I almost purchased a double pocket Bulga bag that was on sale for $308 a few days ago at NM, I believe. I saw it on someone IRL and thought it was gorgeous in chocolate! However, if I had purchased it, it would definitely have been an impulse purchase - not really what I wanted.

    What I really would like for a nice price is a YSL Muse in black! Not sure which size, but definitely not the small. However, I can also wait for the f/w sales!
  13. I really want a bulga after hearing everyone raving about it! Anyone have a recommendation as to which one? I like 'em all and can't decide. Anyway, I'd really like a Botkier also.
  14. i want sooo badly a balenciaga 01 black flat brass first but they're so hard to find :sad:
  15. A timeless Pucci