What is new in outlets?

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  1. Is it still just scribble and watercolor?
  2. That's what I mainly saw on Saturday!
  3. Thanks... I will save my gas until there is something new or I go to do a return.
  4. Other than various boutique bags in the clearance section, that's pretty much all my outlet had, too.
  5. I keep wishing I had grabbed an ergo tote. Now, do I go back and hope they still have one or check ebay? :confused1:
  6. i saw various ergo signature at woodbury... not much of the leather ones though.
  7. That was mainly what I saw at Vacaville on Sunday. The boutique section was pretty jammed with bags though - decent selection - Bleekers, Legacy Flaps, Gallery Totes, tons of smaller bags and they had a huge pile of wallets/wristlets on clearance. I got a Punch Brag Book for $23! They had a large selection of the Hamptons Patchwork and Hamptons Weekend too.