What is needed for Gucci Authentification?

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Mar 27, 2007
Hi ladies (and men!),

Friendly reminder everyone as there have been a few broken records lately!

If we've referred you to this information, please do not ignore it (yes a lot of people do :Push:smile:. We cannot help you otherwise!

(Jill, Sunshine Swanky or any of the mods, could you please sticky this if it's beneficial to the forum? We find this information keeps getting lost in the authentication thread and not everyone is reading it. TIA!)

First golden rule
: please do not start new threads for authentication, you need to post authentication questions here: Authenticate This Gucci

But before you proceed... please read this message so we can help you better!

As we understand that a lot of you are not familiar with Gucci or what we need to look at for authentication (that's okay, that's why we're here to help :smile:), but please read this and make sure that if you are questioning here that you have photos!

If if we do ask you to refer to this post, please please please do read it. There are so many posts here, we don't have time to repeat ourselves time and time again and detail what each auction is lacking.

It is very hard or impossible for us to authenticate when the photos are:
1) Blurry
2) Tiny
3) Dark
4) Or there's only 1 photo
5) Or if there are not enough photos
6) Or if there are only photos of just the serial number, not enough!

Yes occasionally we can tell if the photos are not sufficient if it is a really bad fake, but this is not the norm.

Also please do not ask us to detail why we have the opinion of something not being authentic or not looking right. We have to remember that this is an open forum, we do not want to 'help' replica makers make their fakes better! :nogood:

Also if we do not reply straightaway, please be patient, we have jobs and try to come online when we can, so sometimes there isn't someone online to help. Please do not post more than once. Thank you!:welcome:

Please use this information below to help us help you more efficiently. Thanks again! :tup:


To authenticate purses/bags we need the following photos,

1) photos of the bag (yes many times people just post a photo of the tag, not enough!)
2) close ups of the serial tag: front showing the "Gucci made in italy" stamping and the back showing the serial number
3) may also need close ups of the hardware markings, eg D ring
4) if the style has it, a close up of the cursive gold Gucci script, eg on the Abbey styles
5) this applies to both current and vintage styles
6) please do not just post a photo of the serial number/tag (not enough! we need more than that)
7) should you require a professional opinion (eg for a PayPal/eBay claim), we highly recommend [URL="**NOT ALLOWED**
If looking at a wallet, please make sure you include:

1) close up of the serial number located vertically underneath the credit card slots (it is perpendicular to the direction of the slots)
2) "Gucci made in italy" stamping in the bottom corner
4) close ups of the button snaps help too

We can also look at shoes/watches/sunglasses/belts if we are familiar with them, but as a minimum we need:

1) close ups of markings, e.g. close up of stamps on the back of the belt, close ups of the markings on the soles of heels, inside the heels, close ups of markings on the inside arm of glasses etc
2) basically we need good clear close ups of markings
3) and an auction listing if there is one

When taking close up photos please or ask sellers to, or if you are taking them yourself:

1) NOT use flash
2) NOT use zoom
3) do use macro mode that is usually indicated by a flower on most digital cameras
4) do take photo in lots of light (no flash though), by a window is good, but glare is bad
5) use a steady hand

If you cannot get a clear photo it may mean you are too close or too far away from the object. In macro mode there is an ideal range of distances between the camera lens and the object. So if you can't get a clear photo move the camera forwards and backwards and play around with it! :smile:

Also, PLEASE POST THE AUCTION LISTING if it is from an auction site such as eBay for example. A listing tells a lot about the item as well.

Sometimes we can authenticate based on 1 photo (eg if the bag was never made) but this happens very rarely so please ask for more photos before posting here! Refer list above.

Other than that we cannot authenticate based on 1 photo or listings WITHOUT photos of the serial tag, serial number or markings!

Ensuring that you have read this will help us help you better. :tpfrox:

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