What is needed for a return at LV?

  1. I have the shopping bag, the accessory, the dust bag, the tags, as well as the official LV receipt, and then they gave me a debit card receipt. I'm just afraid that they won't let me do a return if they find out I bought my Wapity in Hong Kong. Can I try to do it without the receipt? edit: If it helps, I live in Taipei, Taiwan
  2. If you go to a global store with all of you stuff, you should get an exchange. No money back, but they will let you exchange. I exchanged stuff from HK in Monaco. GOOD LVCK!
  3. I really hope the Taipei 101 store is a global store :crosses fingers:
  4. What is a "global" LV store?
  5. There are Global stores and boutiques. Global are free standing LV's and the boutiques are usually in a Saks. Global stores usually have more freedom on returns and exchanges.
  6. Are the free-standing LV stores ALL global stores? Hope so, since that would save me a lot of time and hassle to go to the one that's near me.
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