What is My Pouppette?

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  1. Hi all,

    I've been reading past threads. What is My Pouppette?

  2. It's a mini-organization/website offering tips and strategies to prevent people from being knocked off especially from LV fakes. My Poupette also offers authentication service for people who are skeptical about the authenticity of their item(s).
  3. Thanks ShopRodeo,

    Do you have their web address? I'd like to check them out. :smile:
  4. sure:

    oh and it also gives you a list of recommended sellers...
  5. In order to be able to display the "MyPoupette" logo, the seller must adhere to strict guidelines. Therefore, you can be assured that the seller is legitimate; selling only authentic items.

    HOWEVER ... that does not mean that they don't necessarily overcharge for their items! Frankly, I've been appalled at some of the prices that these folks are asking! I can understand making some profit, but when it is beyond 50%, that is (in my opinion) just as bad as selling fakes!
  6. ok when i clicked that link i immediately had a trojan horse on my computer...
  7. The same thing happened to me on Tuesday :evil: I was on my lunch hour, surfing the Web, and when I went to the My Poupette site a virus alert popped up on my screen. Unfortunately the virus program couldn't remove it so the IT guy had to come in and fix it. He wasn't happy :shame:

    CeeJay - I agree with you about the overcharging. Sometimes I don't think the price is worth the condition that the item is in.
  8. ok so it's not just me...
    i'm guessing the site has been hacked or what?
    beware people, especially if you don't have a good internet security software!
  9. Wow, how scary!? How did you discover a trojan horse on your computer? How did you get rid of it?
  10. Omg, I almost click on that site just now too. Whew...
  11. Yes, I totally agree ! I feel like the logo is a justification to charge more, while some may see that as perfectly fine - you are buying reassurance, it's a bummer since it really takes away from eBay as an online auction rather than an online store. :sad:

    I've seen some My Poupette sellers asking for more than retail on bags, and not on lines that have been discountinued, but on such popular items as pochettes and speedies, that's just ridiculous ! :Push:
  12. No problems here ?

    Unless my computer already has a virus on it.. :lol:
  13. my internet security popped up and said "the xxxx file is a trojan horse" and then it said something about somebody trying to access my computer. i clicked on "block" and then ran a virus scan on my computer. it found the file and erased it. :evil: