What is most expensive piece of arm candy you've purchased & did you tell hubby?

  1. New thread to start a new day! So what is the most expensive bag you've ever bought. (Pictures please!) Tell us the truth! How much was it and did you tell your spouse the sticker price?
    My purchase was a Alexander McQueen Borsa for $2085. And no, I didn't tell hubby. He hasn't even seen it yet!:wtf:
  2. Gosh, that bag is gorgeous. Of course I googled it immediately but didn't find it.

    The most my husband *thinks* I have paid is $750. That was for a Tod's bag and before the price hike on bags. He caught up with me at Tod's on Rodeo Dr. and that's the only time I've let that happen....Because -- He since then refers to it as "That expensive bag you bought once." :~)

    I just choose to forget how much I've paid for a bag, and that way (in my mind) the price magically goes away. :wlae:
  3. Most expensive bag- I forgot already.

    My hubby knows my bags are expensive but no detailed prices for him. I shred and throw away the receipts hehe.
  4. i don't have a hubby but a bf and i am honest about prices, infact he goes with me t buy them. My most exspensive purse was about $900
  5. The most I've ever spent was $900 & that was before I knew DH. Now when I come in with a new bag & if he asks (which he usually doesnt), I just tell him I sold things on eBay to pay for it!:graucho:
  6. Mine was a Fendi spy and I told BF it cost about $1000 (a very very big approximation here!) but always made sure to emphasize that I didn't buy it at retail and it was a very very good deal! :graucho:
  7. My JPG Birkin and HAC were very close in price and, to date, my most expensive bags. But it's not like I never told him - he just never asked.:nuts:
  8. The Purse in my avatar is most costly with the cost at 1270.00 plus tax but he's the one who insisted I get it for my birthday...love my DH
  9. I just got my wonderful cream Chanel Expandable on Friday for $2070 ($2300 with a 10% new Saks card discount.) My DH knows I got it, but he'll never know how much I spent.
    Love him, but I pay the bills.
  10. I can't post a picture of it because my camera isn't working right now, but the most expensive bag I've ever purchased is my first and only Chanel large Cambon tote for $1776 including tax. (I did include a picture, but I found it on the internet, so it isn't mine but it's of the same bag.)

    I'm not married but I do live w/my bf and he knew the price of the bag when I bought it. We have separate accounts so I spent my own money for it *as always* and he couldn't say much about it because he will spend as much on airsoft guns. We have similar priced obsessions. *L*
  11. A Chanel limited edition Eiffel Tower bag for $850, and a gorgeous Diorissimo for $1000, which my dear bf got for me. :biggrin:
  12. I spent $1,550 on my Chanel caviar shopping tote. My boyfriend knows about it because I was saving for about six months, so in a way he was kind of proud of me for working hard and making sure I had the $$ first.
  13. My classic chanel flap which was about the equivalent of $2000 USD give or take some. I'm single though, but I doubt I'll tell my future boyfriend, or at least in the beginning of the relationship as a lot of people have a hard time accepting people who shop at other places than H&M around here.
  14. My most expensive bag was only $600! I haven't quite gotten the $1000+ bag mentality yet. My boyfriend knew about, because it was a Valentine's Day gift from him.
  15. My most expensive bag was $1920, a chloe. My DH has no idea if he did I would probably be divorced:hrmm: He thinks handbads are a waste of money because they depreciate in value, but who cares what he thinks I need my handbag fix:lol: