What is MJ Patent Leather like?

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  1. I've been watching a couple of patent leather multipockets on ebay and I wonder if the patent leather is soft and squishy? or is it more structured and stiff?

    Any thoughts?
  2. well i have a patent MJ bag, and the leather isn't squishy, but firm and stiff. it's holds it's structure, but be careful if you're getting a light colour because the sun tends to change the colour of the leather, and you can't fix it because it's the leather that changes, under the vinyl....sucks cause mines white patent haha.

    but hope you get it!
  3. Thanks for the info! I think I'll stick to regular leather MP then , I tend to like patent leather that's very soft, like YSL's patent.
  4. The patent wasn't my favorite. I liked the way it looked, but I don't think I would love to carry it. It wasn't extremely stiff, just a bit odd. I really loved the taupe patent. The color was really nice. It's one of those things you should see in person before purchasing.
  5. i had the patent leather faridah and it sucked soooooo bad. i had to keep adjusting it when i was walking with it and opening it. after i returned it, my dad said, omg finally i can tell you about how cheap your bag looked, etc. lol
  6. I don't know about MJ collection patent, but MbMJ patent is pretty stiff - when I've seen them in stores, they hold their shape like concrete! :lol: I'm sure they loosen up over time, but it'd probably take a considerable amount of time. :yes:
  7. I own a large black multi pocket hobo and it's pretty squishy in my opinion. I know patent leather tend to be stiff-ish but I don't feel that way with mine. I love it and it's such a classic bag.
  8. to add to blackmaroon, i have a MJ collection patent bag and a MbMJ patent bag, and the MbMJ one is much squishier than the MJ patent one, but I did buy the MbMJ used so, maybe over time it loosens up. The MbMJ one has a lot of creases and folds thou, but I think that's just how they made it, which does make it squishy and soft, but the MJ one is slick and stiff, holding it's shape, which i think is similar to the new MbMJ Faridah.

    hope that helps more. i'd go for leather thou imo :smile:
  9. depends if it's recent patent or past patents. he did the quilted bowlers out of patent goatskin which is super soft and squishy. the new patents are pretty stiff tough IMHO
  10. There are 2 MPs on ebay, and honestly in the pics, they both look kind of stiff. So maybe I should just consider an MP in a regular leather, I'll probably like it better.

    Thanks, ladies!
  11. you won't be disappointed in the classic calfskin mp's. the leather is fantastic, the colors beautiful, and the suede lining is to tdf. it's my favorite bag to use.
  12. i own a patent green mbmj clutch, and i love it. its held its shape but is just the right amount of squishiness.