What Is Minnie Doing ?

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]

    When we fixed the Good Will Hunting star in our viewfinder yesterday, we weren't expecting to snap such a befuddling shot - we've heard of actresses wearing lifts, but this is just ridiculous!
  2. LOL!funny.maybe she was just running...?
  3. Ha ha ha haa! That's a funny pic.
  4. just a little hop. :smile:
  5. She`s walking on air!
  6. Moon bouncing sandals, perhaps? :shrugs:
  7. Haha thats a funny pic!

    Maybe she's trying to get the nail varnish on her toes to dry by jumping around? She looks like she's being hung up by those invisible strings they use in puppet shows.
  8. creepy... really, (goosebumps here )....

    dunno what to say but she doesnt look like she's running or something. she looks relaxed.

  9. That is such a strange picture. She looks like she's a ghost floating through the air! (She probably jumped off the curb behind her)

  10. i dont think so... the sidewalk or the curb you said is a few meters away....

    look at the car parked within the lane
  11. maybe her boyfriend Criss Angel is levitating her{?}
    Cute photo!
  12. I thought I got ugly feet...
  13. :shrugs: I think she's on her way down from jumping off the curb.
  14. LOL..that's odd..
  15. :roflmfao: , I need some of those!