what is mini locket white multicolor bag charms?

  1. They are LE and numbered, does anyone know what they look like?
  2. They were for the grand opening of the Champs-Elysees store and only 101 were ever made, they are sooooo cute i want one!
  3. They were going for about $2,500 on eBay when I last checked.
  4. It's $2600 USD On Karen kooper . I Love it.
  5. lol.i got the same email.
  6. Yeah, only as a bag charm. They're so cute IRL!
  7. oh, but they are soo cute...
  8. They are really cute IRL!! They were designed for 1st anniversary of Champs-Elysees store!!!
  9. So adorable :love:
  10. Wow, it is sooo gorgeous. :drool:

    Not so in love with those prices. :wtf:
  11. You getting one? I had no idea what she was talking about LOL
  12. It's so cute! :heart:
  13. O there is one on Karen Kooper