What is Mer Fonce?

  1. Ladies, help!

    Is the "Mer Fonce" City from diabro an Ink? :confused1:

    I am sooo confused because on their description is that it is from S/S 2007.

    This is the picture.

    It looks INK to me, but I wanna be 100% sure. TIA!

  2. looks like marine to me
  3. Doesn't that translate to deep sea?
  4. I'm pretty sure "mer fonce" is marine especially since "mer" is sea.
  5. Ohhh thanks adoptastray, pursemania & mymelody11!

    I kind of figured it out when I searched. :heart:
  6. Mer fonce means dark sea, which I believe is 'marine'. It's a wonderful colour.
  7. I think someone else once asked the same question before and it was decided that it was Marine :yes:
  8. Very pretty color.