What is making you happy at this very moment?

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  1. Looking at the Dubai skyline and admiring the lights and enjoying the warm evening
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  2. I’m getting my hair done - Love getting a new “do”!
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  3. Going to the desert for the first time in my life
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  4. Being five weeks away from meeting the little baby girl that is currently rolling around in my belly as I type this. I still can't believe I'm here and I feel like I won the lotto everyday!
  5. Dyed my hair and trimmed my bangs. I did my own peek-a-boo dye back in April so it had grown out a bit and with a 40% off coupon for dye I decided to get a head start on having a fresh canvas. There's something very therapeutic about doing my own hair.
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  6. 35E68D63-4123-4FB0-BF7E-7646E067EB3E.jpeg Christmas came early for me this year! God is good!
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  7. My two-week xmas holiday from teaching, starting now!
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  8. Congratulations, your baby is beautiful! Wishing a lifetime of health and happiness.
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  9. Thank you so much friend!!
  10. Congratulations! Seeing this cutie makes me happy too.
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  11. Aww thank you so much!!:heart:
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  12. A dead quiet day at work, and being able to leave early.
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  13. Sitting here on my sofa, with warm slippers, just finished a tasty, nutritious breakfast and my third cup of coffee, listening to my cockatiel crunch and chirp his way through breakfast.
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  14. I miss having a bird.
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