What is Limited Edition LV

  1. it is said that the Groom is limited edition - what does that mean, only so many pieces? for only so long?
    would someone explain, thx!:confused1:
  2. Could be only out for a season. some lines are limited to how many are made. All depends on the line.
  3. In the groom's case it is a limited production...meaning only a certain number of each piece will be made. In the past with certain lines (like cerises) that number was 5000 worldwide.
  4. Was it 5000 pieces including all cerises items or 5000 per item? Just curious... :P
  5. I'm pretty sure it was 5000 per item!
  6. It's seasonal not limited just like the perfo line.
  7. duno...but my SA told me that the groom was seasonal not LE...hmm...
  8. hmm.. I just called 866-Vuitton and the SA said that the line was LE.
  9. I heard from my Sa the groom line is LE.....
  10. I went to two different locations and spoke with two different SAs and both of them told me that these were LIMITED EDITION Pieces and that they were "very very limited". So they are limited not seasonal (according to the SAs anyway). I think limited is more limited than seasonal. get em while they;re hot!
  11. My SA said LIMITED EDITION not seasonal but, mentioned they will sell out before X-mas...
  12. Generally, limited edition means only a certain number of pieces were made. Limited run means it was/will be made only for a certain amount of time.

    My SA really didn't seem to know ALL that much about this line but she said she *thought* it was limited run like the Cerises. I'll try to confirm tomorrow when I pick up my suhali agenda.
  13. Limited edition on eluxury? it's seasonal like the perfo , cerises.

    The fringe speedy and bucket were never available on eluxury.com

    The groom collection was on elux 2 days after the launch date.
  14. miroirprincess: The bucket & speedy from the Fringe collection is still avaliable in some countries in europe :smile:
  15. I went in with my mom 2 weeks ago and my store had the bucket and the speedy available for purchase. I don't know as of today but they were still definitely there.