What is left in INDIGO VERNIS small leather goods?

  1. it was my intent to call 866 and see what indigo pieces are left and call my store to get on the list for the pomme d'amour heart during my break, but I ended up having to cover for a sick teacher and that never happened. :rolleyes:

    so does anyone know off the top of their head so I don't have to wait 12 hours to find out? :nuts: haha! I know some of you have bought pieces recently :drool: so I thought someone might have some info I'm forgetting ... I'm only looking for small leather goods (agenda/ludlow/cles/??!) since I'm on a purse ban :angel: but if you know about purses, other people might want to know!

    I would call now but I have to go to bed :push: is 866 even available now? do they close like the stores? silly questions, I know. sorry, it's been a loooong day :shame: my brain isn't functioning properly.
  2. Mini Agenda is out of Indigo... or at least 866 says so. I am thinking of hunting down a ludlow. Tell us if anything is in stock! I might give into my 4key desire, too!
  3. Unless it's gone, I KNOW there is a ludlow in the Boca Raton, FL store. I saw it maybe two weeks ago but I was broke.
  4. Okay, here we go:

    In New York store they have a couple of the sm. agenda's left. There are also some 4 key holders around the country.

    Last I checked there were two stores in the mid-west that had Indigo Houston's left.

    There are no Reade PM's as I believe I had gotten the last one in the country. There are also NO Pochette wallets left.

    Boston store has a couple of pochettes last I knew as well as one or two ludlows.

    If I can remember anymore I will let you know!
  5. ^^ Oh and Boston store had a Indigo vernis bracelet the wrap one.
  6. Thank you Traci!! :heart:

    Now I have to decide ludlow or agenda. I don't really need either :shame:
  7. I took the liberty to call LV fashion Valley here's the # (619)220-8565
    they only have key holder (4 keys)..no cles, no agenda
  8. OMG!!! I am just imagining how beautiful an Indigo Houston would be!! :drool: It looks so good in the Stillwood.
  9. Thanks!! I always forget it's a reasonable hour out west ... haha.
  10. and I've been on an indigo kick today because I saw these shoes at target last night (yes, I buy shoes at target :biggrin: I got 3 pairs for under $50 last night) AND THEY MATCH PERFECTLY!!


    they didn't look good on my huge feet though :roflmfao:
  11. I got the last agenda:graucho:

    anotheremptysky, I :heart: target! I always find a lot of cute cheap things there :p Cute shoes!
  12. Ahhhh! I love those shoes!!

    Traci and Nita, you guys are awesome! :love:
  13. That's cute shoes!!!

  14. I saw that agenda in the store and touched it.. LOL..we are connected..
  15. Oh no, I have to leave this thread now.....

    cute indigo shoes....making me want an indigo bag.....

    sorry...I gotta get outta here before I do something I'm going to regret!! Well..at least my Visa will regret it....