what is its name for this bag?

  1. Does anybody know what is it called? how much would it be?
  2. it's the beaded tote from last year (correct me if i'm wrong...this year's had horizontal beading, no?)
    not sure about prices though. sorry.
  3. It's the beaded tote from last year...that's trimmed in aquamarine leather.


    I have it in the brown suede trim...cost me $358 plus tax. Style number on mine is 8k52...that looks bigger so it would be 8k53. retail price closer to $400.

    I WANT to say the 'name' is just Coach Signature Beaded tote?
  4. Thanks a lot, my friend loves this bag.......;)
  5. I just saw yours, it is cute,I love it.:love: ..
    thanks for telling me the price, :wlae:
  6. I saw those in the Aurora, IL outlets this week.
  7. no way!

    My MIL keeps saying she WANTS my beaded tote...I'd love to buy her one...but I think i'm stuck with going the eBay route.

    they really still have some of those in outlets? that bag is over a year old! I got mine, the last one in the mall, at Nordstrom.
  8. I was poking around in the archive and spotted it.....

    Handbags at Coach

    The other bag someone was asking about is on this page too so forgive me everyone - I'm gonna repeat this post in a moment.
  9. Where did you find that website??????
  10. Well - I couldn't find the thread of other person...the one who bought the signature hobo with the purple design on it...so no duplicate post.

    SOmeone here suggested the web archive Internet Archive: Wayback Machine

    If you put in Coach Leather Goods you get a list of old versions of the coach website by date. Not all the pages work properly. I've been going through and clicking on the show all bags links. Sometimes you get an error messsage telling you they'll troll for it - Anyway. It's been kinda fun to see earlier versions of some of the bags.