What is Italian Ranuncolo Leather ??

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  1. So...I'm drooling over the new stuff on Coach's site today and clicked on the Madison Large Gathered Shoulder and noticed description says

    Gathered Italian Ranuncolo Leather

    I click on the Madison Large Gathered Sophia and it just says "Gathered Leather". I'm wondering what the difference is?? :thinking: I've seen and felt the leather of the Gathered Sophia and it was nice...now I'm curious of how the the "gathered Italian Ranuncolo leather" feels....hhmm

    May be the reason for the huge price difference?? I remember we were all wondering....
  2. ^^ Oops scratch that...I clicked on a different Gathered Sophia (Black) one and it also says Gathered Italian Ranuncolo Leather. So probably the only difference between the Sophia and Shoulder is just the amount of material used and the size.

    Still curious about what Gathered Italian Ranuncolo Leather is?? Hmm...maybe similar to Nappa leather?

  3. I found some info on Bruno Magli Ranuncolo shoes & it says it's "black nappa calfskin leather"...supposedly very soft which yeah, ya'd think so w/ calfskin...probably why that shoulder bag is so much more $$$$.
  4. Sounds like maybe a lot like "Rich, Corinthian Leather".:smile:
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    :lolots::roflmfao::lolots: I REMEMBER THAT LINE!!!!!
  6. hahaha lol I like that answer!! Much better than the response I got below from Coach's Customer Service. I read it and was like "Ummm...okay sounds like they just copy and pasted it from the bag description."

    Dear RilCruz76,

    Thank you for your e-mail.

    The Gathered Italian Ranuncolo leather
    is a supple Italian leather is gathered into pleated waves for a look and feel that's pure luxury.

    If you have any other questions or
    concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    COACH Online Consumer Service
  7. ^ lmao copy and paste much!? they did not put much into that reply.
  8. I googled it and the shoes mentioned above came up and they were like $375 so apparently it is expensive leather
  9. Dunno why but that reply is cracking me up!:roflmfao: Reminds me of when I asked a guy who was acting interested in me, in college, why I'd want to commit to him in a dating relationship. He (his name was Miles) said to me, "Because you have Miles to go before you sleep." I nearly gagged right then and there on the sheer audacity and arrogance of his response to me! This is a bit dejas voux! Tell us what the leather IS--a real answer, please?
  10. ^^ bwahahahaha :lolots::lol::lolots: Oh my....I can't stop laughing! LOL
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    OMG.....was he from Wisconsin? Because that line is CHEEEEEEEZY!!! :lolots: :roflmfao::lolots: LOVE IT!!!

    No wait, I've got more.....gotta be Illinois because that line was CORNY!!!!

    Don't forget to tip your waitresses, folks!

    (ok I'm done) :lol: ;)
  12. That was too funny!!!!!!
  13. Haha! you guys are killing me :lolots:
  14. This made me laugh...from bagoholicboy.com:

    Made of ranuncolo (just a fancy word for calfskin) leather from Italy, it was smooth to the touch, supple and soft.
  15. Ya'll are so goofy.