What Is It???

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  1. Well whatever it is, I love the color!
  2. It's a Kooba Renee! I have one and absolutely love it! It's from about 2 years ago and you don't see them very often. Yes, the leather is a really neat distressed brown while the laces are a bronze metallic. It is styled like a Marcelle. This is the one Kooba out of my four that I use the most often. You can use it without a bit of worry as it shows no sign of wear that is noticeable. I was lucky enough to find one on NM and snapped it up for my 21 yr. old niece for Christmas (from Mom and I). She had seen mine and loved it. I didn't for a moment think that I would ever find one for her but got lucky. She was thrilled! If you're interested in the Renee I don't think that you would be the least bit disappointed. I'm using mine as we speak.
  3. Thanks for the heads-up! I love the Farrah and Taylor but had never seen this one.
  4. Is that the Mocha with Champaigne color that the Farrah and Taylor sport sometimes? How nice!!! Beautiful Bag and color. I always wanted a Taylor in this color.
  5. Lexie, you're right...the laces are more of a champagne than a bronze. I love this bag....