what is it with the Cerises?

  1. I thought getting the BH last week would cure me of this *thing* I have for the Cerises Speedy. I told myself I was done buying until next year. I have a gorgeous Damier Speedy 25, I don't need another Speedy. I have a Cerises Pochette which is great for small stuff, I don't need another Cerises. The BH is fabulous for work, I don't need another carry-everything bag. But this cheery little bag keeps entrancing me. :girlsigh: WHY am I so drawn to the Cerises Speedy? Will I regret it if I get one?
  2. I dont think you would regret getting it at all! Especially if you cant get your mind off of it. I say go for it!
  3. Regret ? No way, the only party that might be weeping would be your bank account and that's it. They're so cute, those smiling little faces - you know you want it ! ;)
  4. ME TOO!!! i wasnn't really into cerises until i spotted one and wihtout thinking twice, i grab that bag from the shelf...
    ooohhh. it's gorgeous, and IT MAKES YOU HAPPY JUTS BY LOOKING AT IT.
    u won't regret it, it's limited... grab while u can :yahoo:
    more cerises speedy on this forum, i'm soo happy
  5. I know! That's one of the ones I am looking at. It's a little beat-up though, I'm wondering if I should go for this one instead:


    ...a bit more expensive, but in better shape...
  6. The huangfamily is sort of notorious for huge markups....but in this case it's not a huge markup....but for the one from let-trade you could use Irene's trick of baby wipes, etc. to clean the handles.
  7. Oh and BTW...the cerises do the same to me...they make me sooo smiley and happy! Same with cherry blossom :smile:
  8. it make me smile every time i see the cerises~~
  9. I like them because they're so happy and when you see them, it makes you happy!
  10. i know that auction by let-trade. there's some rub off on the cerises on pic 20 or 21...
  11. I know, I've been watching the huangfamily auctions, and some of their Speedys are over $1700. Yipes! Makes this one seem almost like a bargain though :smile:

    I'm not so concerned about the leather, but the let-trade one has one of the cherries partly worn off. It's very slight, but it would probably bug me in a bag I'm paying $1000 for.
  12. Hey - you beat me to it! That's why I've been looking at other ones.
  13. I think if you keep coming back to Cerises, you should get it!:yes: