What is it with men and televisions?

  1. I have noticed these facts about men and their televisions:

    1. They want the biggest one they can get, size matters.
    2. They want it out where everyone can see it.
    3. They want people to come over and make comments about it, like "wow, that's big" or "look at the size of that thing"!
    4. They like to talk about the different features.
    5. It has to be loud, real loud all the time.

    Now, I know that numbers 1, 2, and 3 mimic how men want others to perceive their, um, uh, member...is that just coincidence?

    Anyone else notice their DH or SO's fixation with the damn TV?:shrugs:
  2. since i work an electronics store that carries dozens of super giant TVs, i will say that it's not much of a stretch to think of a huge television as an extension to a man's penis. when we get customers buying a new house and in the store getting stuff for it, the couples always fight over which budget should be allotted more money - appliances or home theater.

    although, i'd really like a nice 46" LCD, so what does that say about me? lol.
  3. MIne is...:smile: yes.
    But it's not just televisions...he's into the latest electronics big time. I could care less.
  4. In a world where my measly 19 inch flat panel monitor, attached to my tv-tuner-equipped computer, can function just fine as a desktop TV, I don't see why my BF needs a TV in every room and a big-screen TV in the den...at all. That kind of thing doesn't make sense to me, but then again I don't watch much TV.
  5. Lol! That's funny! My DH is a television addict! Watches movies all the time.. If he's done with watching TV, he's going to play NBA Live on my PSP! Tsk Tsk.
  6. My husband fits all of the above....but then again, so do I! I love my TV! :choochoo:
  7. My DH is into the quality of the screen, not so much the size. We visited a friend who had a screen that literally filled a wall...but the first thing Rob noticed was the grainy picture, and there were black strips down the sides of the show we were watching. He likes the LCD as opposed to plasma, and he wants to keep the TV in one room only! Hee hee
  8. Mine loves all the latest gadgets too ! I guess the same way some men are with electronics, us women are with bags and clothes.
  9. Hey! The size of my TV has nothing to do with the size of my...wait, that doesn't sound right. But really, a huge TV just means you can see detail and action on a bigger stage. Would you rather watch the National Championship on a 19 inch TV or a 42 inch LCD?? It could easily be compared to handbags. Do you need a Chanel? But it makes going out more enjoyable and it makes you feel good. You admire the design, the craftsmanship..etc etc. Is a handbag an extension of your womanhood??
  10. I definitely notice all of the above... and I really hate the loud factor lol! but hey, if it keeps him happy, then I'm okay with it!

  11. :yes: this is what I tell hubby when he has something negative to say about how many pairs of shoes and purses I have :p
  12. The purchase of a new TV caused a massive row between me and my ex. He wanted a 38 or 42 inch TV. I told him it would dominate the room and be far to big and quite uncomfortable to watch.

    In the end I got a cardboard box the size of the TV he wanted and sat it on the tv cabinet. He soon changed his mind :p

    In the end we agreed on a 26".
  13. Hilarious! My hubby has hooked the tv up through our stereo system. We no longer watch tv, we "experience" it. I mean really, do I need to watch Eastenders in surround?
  14. EVERYTHING needs to be in surround sound!!

  15. umm ...looking at my huge pale pink bal weekender ...umm... NO ! :p :roflmfao: