What IS it with Birkins?

  1. I'm curious as to why Birkin Fever. I've never had one, but I once had a Kelly and got rid of it because it was too fiddly to get into and out of; I like Bolides and Plumes because of the zipper. So tell me why you love Birkins--maybe I'm missing out on something! (And we can't have THAT, now can we? LOL!).
  2. I guess different bags speak to different personalities. I personally love the Kelly, perfect bag for me.
  3. I think it's the Hype, quite frankly. Everybody wants the mythical bag that seems to be unobtainable and has a legendary prize (very few people know how much a Birkin really costs) and a legendary waiting list (IF one is so lucky to get ON the waiting list. IF a waiting list exists in the first place). Hermes have been very lucky that this bag has been 'immortalized' in popular literature, TV, cinema, etc. and have been playing the 'hard to get' game to perfection. There is a reason why they can raise the price on a high priced item like this every year by ca. 10%.
  4. It's the quality of Hermes combined with the functionality of the birkin shape. I have a bolide, and like it very much. However, my birkin is works better for me--easier to carry just a few things, but will fit more when needed. I can also easily fit papers for work in my birkin.
  5. oasis, I've wondered this, myself. I have them and like the style, but, do not find it as easy to use as some other Hermes for the lack of a shoulder strap. That said, the Birkin is an open tote style and wouldn't invite a shoulder strap anyway.

    But, there are lots of other beautiful Hermes bags that you seldom see or hear about that are just as well crafted....:shrugs:

    Many of the members here love the Bolide and Plumes.

    As for fiddling with the Kelly.....I feel that you have to like the Kelly enough to want to use it, or, at least it was that way with me. I like my everyday Kellys to be in a souple leather which, to me, makes this style easier to use/get into and out of, etc.
  6. hello2703 has a point. I didn't know the Birkin existed until I read about it. But thanks to this forum and being exposed to other styles. I still have my dream to acquire a Birkin, but I wouldn't be surprised if my first H bag was something else.
  7. For me, the exclusivity and price of a Birkin is a turn off. What makes it worth it to me are the fuctionality, craftsmanship, and classic, easy shape. This is a bag I could've carried at 20, and can still carry at 60 and still look fabulous. Plus, the Blue Jean to me is the most gorgeous color I've ever seen! I've looked at other "blue" bags...LV Epi, etc, and the color just doesn't quite work for me. Plus, I've always preferred satchels because my narrow shoulders and too-big boobs make it difficult for me to wear anything on my shoulder; i.e., a shoulder bag, tote, or messenger. The Kellys are beautiful, but look a bit dressier than my lifestyle might allow.

    But I'm one of those people who gets positively giddy over well-made bags. I will sit in my closet all the time and just pet, clean, and study the leather of my bags! I don't buy many, but the ones I do purchase I put a lot of thought into and carry them forever. i still have my first Gucci my dad bought me when I was 10!
  8. A Birkin is so easy to use! I've got 30cm and 35cm Birkins and they instantly add a touch of modern elegance to whatever I'm wearing. This morning, for example, I met friends at a local diner for breakfast. I wore a White Linen Hooded Jacket, Black Cotton Tank, Cropped Black Linen Slacks and Black Mephisto Sandals. Pretty ordinary, except that I carried a 35cm Gold Togo Birkin GH. I think I stand straighter when I carry an Hermes bag, so that makes everything looks better, too. (Slightly, but not completely, kidding.) I wasn't sure if my friends would be on time, so I tucked a book (Don DeLillo's new book, Falling Man) into my Birkin. Oh, and a bottle of water.

    While I love my 32cm Sellier Kellys, I'd never dream of tucking a book inside or toting a bottle of water around. For me, that would qualify as Kelly abuse. I reach for a Kelly went I want a classically elegant look. Just one gander at our very classy Rose wearing a Kelly says it all.

    For me, the Birkin is modern and the Kelly is classic. And I love both. Viva la difference!
  9. I agree that it is easy to use. Really, personally, a bag that I have to sit down to open drives me nuts. The birkin does have to be off (your arm or shoulder) to get at what you need. Just a personal quirk...that is probably why some people would find that they don't like them.
  10. Are Birkins more expensive than other Hermes styles?
  11. ^^ Yes, at least from what i've seen, and its the most popular!
  12. Anyone can help me? Does anyone knows of the combination white swift/olive toile for Birkin 35? Is this a new color or has been around for a while? Thanks for the help.
  13. Oasis, it's been awhile since I asked about prices, but there are other styles that are in the same price range when new as the Birkin style. The Omnibus comes to mind, the Constance, the Drag....it's more dependent on how much crafting/stitching is involved. Not that fact that it's a Birkin, of course.
  14. To me the Birkin along with the Kelly are the reigning joint Queen of bags. I used to always get caught up in buying the latest "it" bags in particular those churned out by Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton. I got fed up of buying a new bag every season and as a girl who appreciates her mother's good sense and taste, I got turned on to Hermes when my mother seeing a pic of Martha Stewart toting either a Kelly or a Birkin to her court dates several years ago said that was the most beautiful classic handbag style! I love both the Birkin and the Kelly bag - for their timeless beauty and quality - but due to the casual slightly more sporty nature of my lifestyle - I have currently 2 birkins and no Kellys. I love the practical toteish nature of the bag, no fussing just reaching in and out. However, I do love the Kelly and will someday - hopefully soom - get a 32 Kelly for the more formal and pulled together days of my life!
  15. What it IS?

    it's most definetly not because of Jane Birkin.

    This seems like te most plausible explanation, exposure and the lure of exquisite craftmanship to live up to the hype.