What is it? Where can i get it?

  1. I don't know if this happens to any of you...i see new bags in magazines and sometimes don't think they're so hot, but once i see them on people i go nuts, and usually it's too late to get it....this happened today...
    I went shopping and saw a girl with an lv with the ostrich trim and black snakeskin handles....LOVED IT!!!!!!! I've looked on lv website, and found no pics, info, nada....eluxury website is down....does anyone have any info on it??? and what about retail price???? And the most important, can i still get one, or is it one of those sold out, gone, extinct bags??? Thanks for your help....
  2. The only bag that comes to mind is the Oskar Waltz GM? Here's a pic of Naomi Campbell with hers... I hope this is the bag you're talking about? :shrugs: If it is, the bag is completely sold out... your best bet is eBay now... *sigh*

  3. yup it was just like that....only it looked smaller than it does in the pic...maybe a different size...oh well...thanks for your help anyway!!
  4. Then that's the Dora Waltz, I believe? Also sold out.

    No authentic bags from this line are on eBay at the moment... :sad:
  5. the bag you are talking about is the Macha Waltz
  6. I love the Macha Waltz, I NEED to have one. :graucho: Definitely on my wishlist!!!! :love:
  7. this is the smaller bag :smile:
  8. I saw a woman at the mall this weekend with that exact bag. I know she caught me staring. I had never seen this bag before and I was trying to get a look at it. I really like it.
  9. I hate Jessica, she seems to have every single LV bag!!!

    I like that macha but the naomi`s oskar is soooooo big and I dont like it... I never knew there was a one called dora. Must see it
  10. I :heart: Naomi's bag!
  11. If I'm not mistaken, there were three styles? The Macha, Dora, and the Oskar? The Oskar is my FAVE... it's eyegasmic. :graucho: